Elin-Margareta Nordin

Elin-Margareta Nordin was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Introduction – Can you tell us a bit about your yourself?

My name is Elin-Margareta Nordin and I come from Sweden. I’ve been acting since I was a teenager and I love it. My work and school have taken me to L.A and London. I love working on indie and horror projects but also in theatre, it’s so much fun. When I’m not acting I host a podcast The Untitled Show by E-MN, edit, produce, direct, write a horror script with Paul Bagnall and enjoy life.

Personal Background – Can you share a little experience about your Upbringing and Early Life?

I am the youngest and am what you would call a small town girl with big dreams and goals but it is amazing. I want to keep my family private but I can say that I am so happy to have them because they have been there since day 1. My family has always encouraged me to challenge myself, follow my dreams and work hard but understand that sometimes reaching the stars takes different paths, takes time and if I want it I have to work for it.

Career and Achievements – What do you consider the Highlights of your Career so far?

One of the biggest highlights of my career was when I wrote and created Mabel, a silent short film that I based around Mabel Normand and Peg Entwistle. The movie was a winner, I was so happy when it won an award and it has never stopped since. Mabel gave me so much strength and joy, I love what I do but this was something so special. Just an amazing feeling that still makes me smile today. I’m writing a script with Paul Bagnall, he’s a journalist and we’re working together on a script for a show and to see what we’ve created is just amazing, amazing, it’s a script, a great script, with characters and scenes perfect together.

Challenges and Growth – What are some of the Challenges you’ve faced in your Career, and how did you Overcome them?

My challenges are my patience, I have stopped and think that sometimes this takes time and I have to accept that and it is something I work on daily. My looks, I look very young and sometimes I didn’t go for the role I wanted because I thought I looked too young for the role but I had this acting teacher who told me and other acting students that we should go for roles which will give we work and my appearance gives me that.

Passions and Hobbies – What are your Interests and Hobbies outside of your Career?

I grow pumpkins on my spare time and spend time with my cats and family. I see my job also as my hobby and I enjoy that, but sometimes it is nice to just do nothing, spend time alone and sleep.

Passions and Hobbies – What are your Interests and Hobbies outside of your Career?

My goal is to move back to the US even if it means I have to commute between the US and Sweden, I can have both. Chicago PD is a great show and I would love to be on that show, I would love to be on a soap opera like Days of our lives, do more theater, more film and keep working.

Life Lessons – What is the most Valuable Lesson you’ve learned in your Life or Career?

Be patient, work hard and that if I want something done I better do it myself because no one is going to do it for me. Sometimes you find the perfect one right next to you, I have a few perfect ones for my career, people who challenge me every day, the good, the bad, the ugly, the glitz and glamour. They are my life lessons in my work, mind and soul.

Advice for Aspiring Artists – What advice would you give to Young Artists looking to make a Mark in the Industry?

Never give up on your dreams and goals, never give up on school and that side job. Sometimes things will take time but that is a good thing because you will get the change to work on your craft. Stop following the heard and think that just because everybody else is doing that that must mean that I have to do it. Sometimes finding someone to work with, one time and several times, with photos, rehearsals, going to auditions with. I asked a few people if they knew a good photographer, I need headshots and suddenly I heard Madlayne Wikström speak up and we started to work together and we have now continued to work together. Speak up, ask if anyone wants to work together, follow the yellow brick road and enjoy life. I have two cats Hilda and Zelda who come from a cat rescue home and they love life, enjoy it, I live like them.

Rapid-Fire Round:

*Favorite book or movie name?
*If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?
*Favorite travel destination?

Favorite movies Casablanca and Citizen Kane.

Anything with Marilyn Monroe. I would love to have dinner with Marilyn Monroe, Peg Entwistle, Mabel Normand, Virginia Rappe and some many more but Marilyn is my girl, she was more than just that blonde, she is a great movie star, a superstar. Peg I want to have dinner with because she inspired me to write Mabel and she was a star on the stage, she is now known for being the Hollywood sign girl but apparently she was such a talented actress that she inspired Bette Davis to want to be an actress. Mabel Normand was a comedy legend and one of the inspirations for Mabel. Virginia Rappe was a successful model and actress who just like Peg became famous for her death instead of her work and so many lies that have been said about her over the years. Virginia designed several hats but one hat was called The Peace Hat and she was her own PR firm, she was a rising star, if she could have had maybe more years, if all four women could have had the change to continue to live. Maybe have a dinner with Marilyn, Peg, Virginia and Mabel, all together, awesome.

I would love to visit Hawaii, we could have dinner in Hawaii. Now that would be an awesome dinner and vacation. I love to dream, dreams that come to life after a lot of work. I think that is what people would call me but I also call myself that, a dreamer.

In the Last, what are your Social Media Platform Links?

Social Media Platforms:

Instagram: @elinmargaretanordin

X (Twitter): @NordinProducti1

IMDb: Elin-Margareta Nordin

Website: elinmnordin.wixsite.com

TikTok: @elinmargaretan

“Photographer Of The Photos: Madlayne Wikström”

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