T Zodiak is a musical artist from the Fort Worth, Texas area, now residing in Houston, Texas. T Zodiak built his music on his great skills and love for what he did. He works hard to get to the top and do well in everything he does now and in the future. He is driven at work by his desire to make a change not just in Texas but also in other parts of the country. T Zodiak talks about his work. “I’ve recently released a new single called ‘Pimp Degree’ which dropped on September 8th . It is the first single off my upcoming LP ‘The Ambiguity’. While also helping my fellow group members in Y2X with their upcoming projects and singles as well.”

As an overall talented person, T Zodiak remains consistent and always has projects coming up. “I’ve overcome the idea that nobody cares about what I have to say, which gave me severe writer’s block, but once I realized that satisfying myself is more important than anything else, the quality of my music got better. The experiences I’ve had and overcame have given me perspective which reflects in my music as a bunch of up for interpretation stories hince the name of my upcoming project ‘The Ambiguity’.”

The multi creative based out of Texas aims to make a statement with his current and future projects. T Zodiak is known to be determined, creative, and ambitious, and he has been positively inspiring others to become better. He leads by example, and has great precision and consistency as a multifaceted individual. “My love for music keeps me going everyday and seeing the constant progress I make every time I write and sing . Also my group members of Y2X keep me motivated because they are all so dope and are always pushing the envelope with their sounds which keeps me doing the same.”

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

I have a new single called Pimp Degree which dropped September 8th currently out with a video soon to accompany it . Coming on the heels of this will be my LP “ The Ambiguity “ which will open the doors to new flows , cleaner sounds , all while being the most honest and most socially aware project I’ve done so far.

T Zodiak explained that the motivation came from seeing the success of his work and also not giving up. “The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is I had to overcome that voice in my head saying that you’ll never be as good as your contemporaries or your heroes. That same voice motivated me to try new sounds and flows and keeps me on my toes of what’s real to me and what isn’t. Overcoming the obstacle of not having immediate hits was a big to get over because it really had me trapped in my own head but once I was free of that , I opened my mind to dreams I never dreamed before.”

T Zodiak explains that this was a major motivation in his life and gives a piece of advice for others to take back. “I want others when they listen or see me to know it’s okay to be yourself whether it’s mainstream or underground. You deserve to be heard like Andre 3000 once said ‘As long as it’s jammin all the cool people will play it’.”

T Zodiak has worked with many different people to reach different goals, and he has always done a good job. He works well with others and talks about people who have been important in his life. “The most influential people in my life are my friends, family ,hip hop of course , and my group Y2X. Without them I wouldn’t be elevating the way I am.”

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