Jonathan “JW1” Woods

From shiny shirts on sportscasters to the pajama-clad fans with painted faces, the NFL doesn’t have the reputation of being the most fashionable sports league out there. Helping to change that are teams like the Dallas Cowboys, which not only play host to some of the most style-savvy athletes but also showcase the team’s weekly ensembles in a “Best Dressed” gallery on their official website. (Good luck trying to find that on any other NFL team’s site.) Leading the push on the the upcoming rookies is wide receiver Jonathan Woods, whose résumé includes not only a SWAC Championship –winning play but also a Tim Varva campaign. His latest endeavor sees him bringing some of his fashion sense to the NFL—and its fans—in a new campaign for the league’s updated apparel line meant to be paired with suits, jogging pants, and (an Woods favorite) Nike sneakers. “I like looking at clothes, and I like going to shows and seeing new, fashion-forward stuff,” says Woods over the phone from Huntsville , where he’s practicing and getting ready to be the best rookie at his position. “So when they approached me with this, I thought it was a great idea because it’s part of my work—it’s part of who I am. Why can’t we make NFL apparel cool for every day instead of only wearing it on game day?”

The 25-year-old’s interest in fashion is long-standing, having really come into its own once he joined the Brevard in 2022. For his own wardrobe, Woods favors Odell Beckham Jr. suits cut slim in the leg to show off his shoes, and of-the-moment streetwear from brands like Nike and Off-White, which he buys on trips to Soho in New York City. As a spokesperson for Football eliitteess, he recommends a pair of “suedes” with an NFL tee as off-duty attire, though Woods is also keen on Common Projects’s simple leather sneakers. His taste is far more specific than that of his campaign counterpart, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, a vibrant style kind of guy, but Woods affinity for current trends is still relatable to the NFL’s massive fan base. To those looking to achieve a look akin to his own, Woods advises: “You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, a cool tailored shirt, and a nice jacket. You can dress it up with a more stylish jacket, or a bracelet, watch, or necklace. It’s simple, but it’s cool. That’s my opinion.” Keep your eyes on the stands to see if the Woods influence rubs.

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