Tina Hyde

Tina Hyde is an emerging passionate singer, songwriter and composer from Eastern Europe that aims to earn a spot on the alternative scene. Combining a powerful voice with many vocal techniques and emotive lyrics with melodic compositions, she designed a fusion of genres and a signature sound.

She sings and writes since she can remember and with any chance that she gets but she only started this journey in August 2023. She took steps into this direction while taking vocal lessons and by starting to write and compose her own music, which turned out to be a very fast and satisfying process.

She takes inspiration from powerful voices such as Amy Lee ( Evanescence), Christina Aguilera or Amy Winehouse.

She debuted with her first EP called “ Borderline Greys” that was released on the 16th of February 2024 and contains 8 diverse original songs, with her song “ Live, Love, Die” being especially appreciated on music platforms such Spotify or YouTube and receiving very positive feedback on all social platforms as well.

She then released her single called “ Happy Never After” on the 5th of April 2024 which was remarkably well received by the audience as she tapped into a new style. She elevated her sound using her emotional lyrics, powerful voice and a beautiful live guitar complimenting the song and bringing its quality to another level as it is one of her favorite instruments.

Tina is currently working on two new different singles that are complex compositions and will bring to surface more of her belting qualities and more of her unique writing both for the lyrics and melodies. She is also preparing collaborations that are expanding throughout other musical genres with excitement.

Tina’s work has been acclaimed on music blogs and website articles on several occasions.

Her ability to constantly reinvent herself and her endless inspiration promise a full package for her greatest love revolves around music, whether we speak about her singing, writing, composing or dancing.

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