Jennifer Lopez Turns 53 Newly Married And 'Happier Than Ever'

The American singer, actress and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, recently married to actor Ben Affleck, turns 53 this Sunday, with new products in her cosmetics business and “happier than ever”, according to the magazine People.

“I’m as old as I am, but I feel incredible and I’m happier than ever,” said the interpreter, who has coincided with her birthday with the launch of a body cream from her JLo Beauty line , buttock firming.

Jennifer Lopez Marriage

Lopez and Affleck, 49, were married on July 16 in Nevada, Las Vegas and are honeymooning in Paris in the company of their respective children.

The commitment was announced last April, after having resumed their relationship in early 2021, almost two decades after breaking their first wedding plans.

Lopez, of Puerto Rican origin and mother of twins with singer Marc Anthony, accompanies the presentation of her new cream with a photo and a video in which she partially shows her toned naked body.

“I think you can be fine and feel great and sexy at any age. I don’t like the line at all, ‘You’re fine to be 40, or 30, or 50. Why not just say you’re fine?” she told People one day before the wedding.

The artist indicated that her husband, Affleck, also helps her feel good in her body. “He tells me he likes me when I’m not wearing anything, no makeup, no hair done. He really appreciates that, and that makes me feel confident and pretty.” 

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