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Successful Entrepreneur Iain Mclean is an experiencer and contributing writer to the book “Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering.”

Iain Mclean

Iain Mclean, a New Zealand Commercial Director based in Los Angeles, has a remarkable background in creating some of the world’s biggest campaigns. Despite his success, he changed his heart and became an animal advocate, vegan, and founder of the cruelty-free makeup brand ‘ShyGirl.’ Inspired by his love for animals, he established the brand to provide makeup that supports and protects animal rights. Aside from ShyGirl, Iain is also a co-owner of Graffiti Media and Pizza Desso. Recently, Iain had the opportunity to experience the transformative healing modality called Infinite Cosmic Records (ICR) by Maya The Shaman. In the book, “Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering by Maya The Shaman,” Iain shares his journey to the multi-dimensional realm through ICR. As an ‘experiencer’ and a contributing writer, Iain’s story sheds light on the profound effects of ICR in connecting individuals with their past or future lives.

Iain shares briefly his experience: “I had the privilege of meeting Maya The Shaman over a decade ago in Los Angeles, California, where I had my first impressive healing experience. Later, my friend Radhaa Nilia introduced me to Maya’s revolutionary healing modality, Infinite Cosmic Records™ (ICR), and I couldn’t resist experiencing it for myself. My intention for entering the ICR was to gain a deeper understanding of my life path, and the journey was powerful and transformative. I vividly remember being deeply hypnotic, exploring places I had never visited. Maya was a knowledgeable and supportive guide throughout the session, and her creative force behind the ICR added to its uniqueness. I experienced visions beyond this 3D realm, and the colors were so vivid, like being in the film Avatar. My results were outstanding and positive; I felt completely transported on a shamanic journey to possibilities I had never seen before. The experience allowed me to connect with something cosmic and greater than anything I have ever experienced in this lifetime, and I even felt healed after seeing my future in my records. As a film director and business owner, my mission is to stop animal consumption on this planet. My experience with Maya’s healing modality gave me a deeper understanding of my purpose in supporting animals. I highly recommend this book, Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering by Maya The Shaman, or Maya’s healing modality, to anyone seeking cutting-edge shamanic energy healing technology to explore their own Infinite Cosmic Records with Maya The Shaman. Working with her and being part of this unique project was an honor. Also, it has been a great experience working with Radhaa Publishing House, which supported my writing process for the book. Please read this beautiful book and my chapter, “Wild and FREE.”

Maya the Shaman

The Infinite Cosmic RecordsTM is a transformative modality that provides access to various realms, including the blissful spiritual home, which clients can summon and revisit. Before entering their Records, a clear intention is crucial. Maya the Shaman guides clients in clearing blockages and identifying their specific purposes. This process allows clients to align with their Infinite Cosmic RecordsTM, revealing answers and positive outcomes. You can grab a copy Here:

The journey to the Infinite Cosmic Records™ does not end with the revelation of answers. Instead, it brings forth continuous support from the Universe to awaken one’s intuition. It perceives even further into the extension of their visit to the Records – a sacred gift from the Divine realm. Maya The Shaman is a seer who has witnessed multiple timelines and events as a Cosmic Record keeper. Often, people ask what happens in a session when one visits their Records. In the Infinite Cosmic Records™, clients meet their guides and messengers and receive answers to their questions. They can even speak with objects, animal guides, star families, or friends and discover parts of their past lives, allowing them to heal their current traumatic experiences that are connected to their past. The experience relieves clients from the discomfort of knowing why certain events have looped into their current lives, causing disharmony and many more issues that need to be cleared. Have you ever imagined being transported to portals of doorways where you can revisit your past, present, or future lives, like watching a movie that rewinds the time and space continuum, seeing and meeting your guides, and receiving relevant messages for you?

Infinite Cosmic Records™

In this book, the mystic seekers are real people with real stories who have seen their complex lives during their Infinite Cosmic Records™ experience with Maya, who comes from a lineage of Shamans and Healers of the ancient land of Mu or Lemuria. The experience relieves clients from the discomfort of knowing why certain events have looped into their current lives, causing disharmony and many more issues that need to be cleared. Grab your paperback HERE:

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