New Book Announcement, “Infinite Cosmic Records™”: A Must-Read for Personal Growth and Spiritual Development by Radhaa Publishing House

Infinite Cosmic Records™

“Infinite Cosmic Records™: Sacred Doorways to Healing & Remembering” by Maya the Shaman is now on paperback on Amazon. Radhaa Publishing House is thrilled to announce this groundbreaking book that offers a fresh and innovative perspective on reincarnation and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This remarkable shamanic book presents a transformative modality that unlocks the doorways to healing and remembering by accessing one’s Infinite Cosmic Records™. You can grab a paperback copy here:

“Infinite Cosmic Records™” offers readers practical tools and insights to help them access their past lives or traumas looping in this current life. It’s a transformative shamanic journey toward personal growth, spiritual development, and healing. Maya The Shaman is the original Creatrix of the Infinite Cosmic Records™ modality based on the power of shamanism. She guides her clients through the journey of clear intention, visualization, and energy work, enabling individuals to connect with their subconscious memories and essence to clear old patterns, trauma, and past wounds to heal and reclaim parts of themselves that may have been lost or forgotten.

The book is filled with powerful stories of individuals who have accessed their Infinite Cosmic Records™ and experienced profound transformation and healing. Maya’s approach is grounded in knowing that this work can help anyone. We can create transformative change by tapping into our innate abilities. Infinite Cosmic Records™:Doorways to Healing & Remembering can be ordered now on paperback. Readers can take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of their mind, body, and spirit by purchasing the book on Amazon:

Infinite Cosmic Records™

Radhaa Nilia, Founder of Radhaa Publishing House, produced Infinite Cosmic Records™ book in paperback:

“Maya’s modality is a prolific Shamanic journeying that delves into interdimensional realms available through her guidance. These experiences are not common in everyday life or any other healing modalities. I’ve tried dozens of modalites, and nothing compares to the Infinite Cosmic Records™ by Maya The Shaman. It is a life-affirming and life-changing modality that I believe will help so many people at this time of transition in this time of great challenges.” – says Radhaa of Radhaa Publishing House.

Maya the Shaman

Maya, The Shaman, is a beacon of light and love in the world of spiritual healing. As an innovative Energy Healer of Infinite Cosmic Records & Lemurian Code Healing, Maya offers a unique and powerful healing method that allows individuals to connect with their subconscious memories, identity, essence, and other key details that make them feel whole again. Her work has touched the lives of many and has been featured in several media outlets, including podcasts, online publications, and radio shows.

Born in Maharlika, known as the Philippines, Maya comes from a lineage of Lemurian Shamans and Healers. Having spent most of her life in America, she recognizes the need for the West to receive healing from the East. Maya’s original healing modalities, Infinite Cosmic Records™ & Lemurian Code Healing™, are based on heart-centered practices that bridge the ancient past to the current healing needs of humanity through the Art of Remembering.

Infinite Cosmic Records™

Maya The Shaman’s mission is to help liberate human Souls from the “blanket of darkness” spread through our planetary matrix. She reminds us of the Cosmic Cycle we have been experiencing. Her vision for humanity is to awaken and heal as we cross the tunnel of darkness to reach our destiny in the Golden Age. Maya’s involvement in documentaries such as “The Cure” and “Guns, Bombs, and War: A Love Story” by Emmanuel Itier and Sharon Stone–highlights her commitment to healing and transforming our world. She envisions a future free from human suffering, fear, and destruction, where we thrive in abundance, creativity, healing, and harmony on Earth.

In an interview with LA Formidable Magazine, Maya The Shaman shared her passion for healing and her mission to assist humanity in moving forward into peace toward a healthy future. Maya The Shaman is a multi-bestselling author of several collaborative books, including the bestseller Energy Healing & Soul Medicine and the Awakening Starseeds book series. Her wisdom and knowledge are dedicated to sharing with the world. To learn more about Maya and her healing programs, visit her website at

This book is highly recommended for anyone looking to embark on a meaningful spiritual journey and open to learning new perspectives. Infinite Cosmic Records™: Doorways to Healing & Remembering is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking greater self-awareness and a guide to unlocking the secrets of the multidimensional self and the power within. Grab your copy today!

Radhaa Publishing House

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