Maya the Shaman

Radhaa Publishing House proudly presents the paperback version of “Infinite Cosmic Records™” by Maya the Shaman. This powerful healing modality allows individuals to connect with their subconscious memories and essence and achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Maya’s approach is grounded in the power of intention, visualization, and energy work. This innovative and holistic method offers a fresh perspective on reincarnation, helping readers access their Infinite Cosmic Records™ to heal and reclaim parts of themselves that may have been lost or forgotten.

“Infinite Cosmic Records™” is an excellent resource for personal growth, spiritual development, and healing. The book is a remarkable journey into Infinite Cosmic Records™, where the soul records everything that happens in every incarnation. The author shares powerful stories of individuals who have accessed their Infinite Cosmic Records™ and experienced profound transformation and healing. The book offers practical tools and insights to help readers access their Cosmic Records and start their transformative journey.

Maya the Shaman’s modality is unique, powerful, and life-changing. As a practitioner of Energy Healing, Maya has helped countless individuals to access their Infinite Cosmic Records™ and experience transformational healing. Radhaa Nilia, Founder of Radhaa Publishing House, fully stands behind this incredible book and believes in Maya’s modality, which delves into interdimensional realms of experiences not common in everyday life or any other healing modality.

The book is now available in paperback. Radhaa Publishing House is excited to reach a wider audience and offer individuals the opportunity to experience Maya’s modality and embark on their cosmic healing journey. Maya the Shaman has been featured in several film documentaries alongside Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson in films by Emmanuelle Itier and Sharon Stone. She has also been a guest on many podcasts, online publications, and radio shows, and her work has touched the lives of many. The book is an invitation to explore the transformative power of Infinite Cosmic Records™ and experience profound healing and growth.

Maya the Shaman

The Infinite Cosmic Records™ is a unique modality that allows individuals to explore their past lives and deeper aspects of their being. Through guided meditation, clients can connect with their subconscious memories, identity, essence, and other key details that make them whole. The experience is facilitated by Maya the Shaman, a knowledgeable and experienced healer who holds clients in a safe and supportive space. With her vast array of techniques, Maya can guide clients through their journey and provide insight and guidance when needed. The overall takeaway from clients participating in the Infinite Cosmic Records™ is that it is a powerful tool for healing, clarity, and personal growth. The book “Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering” is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their true nature. It is a guide to unlocking the secrets of the multidimensional self and unlocking the power of the Universe.

Maya the Shaman

Maya the Shaman is a Lemurian Shaman and Created the “Infinite Cosmic Records” modality and multi-best selling author at Radhaa Publishing House and the Author of the “Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering” book.

The experiencers share inspiring and transformative personal stories from clients who have undergone the Infinite Cosmic Records healing modality, providing a glimpse into the incredible journeys of self-discovery and healing possible through Infinite Cosmic Records. Through detailed explanations and real-life examples, readers will gain a deeper understanding of what Infinite Cosmic Records is, how it works, and how they, too, can benefit from this transformative experience.

Readers can take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of their mind, body, and spirit by purchasing the book on Amazon:

Maya the Shaman

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