Del Toro, Cuarón, Iñárritu, the 3 Amigos Do you know Olmo Cuarón’s animations

In recent decades, the Latin American film industry has been elevated by celebrities like Guillermo del Toro.

In fact, it would be impossible to talk about film without mentioning this renowned film director, who is a native of Guadalajara, Mexico.  

During his professional career, Guillermo del Toro has directed great productions for the big screen and has worked in incredible genres.

Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone and The Shape of Water are some of his most acclaimed films.

In fact, he won his first Oscar after directing The Shape of Water during the ninetieth edition of the Academy Awards.

Guillermo del Toro: Behind Pinocchio

Guillermo del Toro has also a great enthusiasm for frame-by-frame animations. And he has proven this after actively taking part in the most recent version of Pinocchio.

He was producer, screenwriter and musical composer for this animated film and the result was magnificent.

Pinocchio premiered at the end of November on the big screen and has receive incredible reviews ever since.

Some believe that it will surely be nominated in the upcoming Academy Awards and that del Toro might just get to raise another golden statuettes.  

Alfonso Cuarón’s Successes

Alfonso Cuarón has not stayed behind in the industry of the silver screen. Instead, this Mexican has worked tirelessly throughout his career and has been in charge of successful and memorable productions.

He is a filmmaking genius. That is why it is logical that he has been awarded several Golden Globes, some BAFTA Awards and, of course, two golden statuettes.

Gravity and Roma were the films that made him win those two Academy Awards and that finally launched him to worldwide stardom as a filmmaker.

For many, Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro are the most important advocates of Latin American film.

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Olmo Cuarón’s Animations

Olmo Cuarón could follow his father’s footsteps, Alfonso Cuarón, and even of the very same Guillermo del Toro.

The stop-motion animations that he has created so far are proof that he has an innate talent for art.

Undoubtedly, Olmo Cuarón animations are unique, creative and filled with talent. This is why there are many possibilities that he will have many great successes as his father, or that he will follow Guillermo del Toro’s footsteps.  

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