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In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, understanding offshore opportunities and tax planning is essential.

Celebrity Magazine sat down with Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, a Panamanian lawyer expert in tax planning and offshore legal services, to delve into the intricacies and benefits of operating offshore. From tax advantages and asset protection to the creation of offshore companies and digital identities, Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb sheds light on why many choose to navigate these waters, Also explain how his firm, Caporaso & Partners Law Office, based in Panama, provides comprehensive support for tax planning. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the concept, this interview offers valuable insights into offshore finance and the services available to optimize your financial strategy.

Celebrity Magazine: What does offshore mean?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Offshore literally means outside of territorial waters. In finance, it refers to operations carried out outside the country of residence, known as extraterritorial operations.

Celebrity Magazine: Why go offshore?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: To protect capital and reduce tax burdens. There are over 250 jurisdictions offering incentives to non-resident investors. Some are also vacation paradises. Each tax shelter offers advantages, often limited to residents or corporations. For instance, Monaco has no personal income tax but high corporate taxes. Panama is the opposite if the corporation doesn’t operate domestically.

Celebrity Magazine: What are the benefits of an offshore company?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Offshore companies offer anonymity and lower costs compared to many industrialized countries. They reduce shareholder responsibilities and fiscal burdens. Typically, these companies have 3 directors, and shares are made out to the bearer or nominative. Our firm can provide directors for a fee, and we furnish a notarized general proxy to the owner for administration purposes. There’s no need to deposit capital, just pay a tax included in the registration price.

Blinded Foundations and Corporations

Celebrity Magazine: Why open an offshore company or foundation?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: To open accounts abroad, conceal the real beneficiary in cases like divorce or distraint, participate in national companies discreetly, buy and sell merchandise with desired invoicing, and avoid taxes on services performed abroad. It also protects assets, avoids judicial distraints, bypasses inheritance taxes, and provides economic anonymity and reduced tax burdens.

Celebrity Magazine: There are several offshore jurisdictions. Which is the best?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: The further you go from home, the better the advantages. We prefer Panama companies for their low costs and ease of administration. Panama has had favorable offshore tax laws since 1932.

Celebrity Magazine: Did the crisis affect tax havens?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Yes and no. New clients are hesitant, but those familiar with offshore banking see it as a safe haven. The crisis didn’t affect tax havens much; seasoned clients continue to invest, seeing stability compared to collapsing big banks.

Celebrity Magazine: What’s the difference between onshore and offshore banking?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Offshore banks prefer VIP clients and private banking. They don’t favor accounts with frequent small transactions. For large volumes, alternating between two banks prevents the banking system from flagging frequent transfers.

Giovanni Caporaso Lifestyle

Celebrity Magazine: Which bank should I choose and in what country?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: It depends on your assets and desired security. Banks have classifications like hotel stars. AAA banks are more exclusive. Share your business volume and deposit amount with us, and we’ll recommend the best option.

Celebrity Magazine: Should I open a corporate or personal account offshore?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We recommend corporate accounts. Personal accounts have names. It’s better to create a company and open an account for it. This way, different activities can have separate accounts, providing more protection.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Tax Planning

Celebrity Magazine: What services do you provide through Caporaso & Partners Law Office?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We offer a range of offshore legal services for tax planning from Panama and various jurisdictions, as well as onshore structures for tax planning to help clients reduce or eliminate taxes.

Celebrity Magazine: Can you elaborate on the creation of offshore and onshore companies?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We specialize in creating offshore and onshore companies in different jurisdictions. It’s important to schedule a consultation with us first, so we can tailor the best structure to meet your specific needs.

Celebrity Magazine: What other legal services do you offer?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We also create foundations and provide fiduciary services for asset protection and tax planning. These structures help separate personal assets from business assets and community property in a marriage.

Celebrity Magazine: Can you assist with residency and visas?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Yes, we help clients obtain temporary and permanent residency in various countries, as well as long-term or digital nomad visas and second citizenships.

Celebrity Magazine: How do you assist with offshore bank accounts?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Our experts guide clients through opening offshore bank accounts, advising on the best banks and jurisdictions. We also help unblock restricted accounts and frozen Forex or cryptocurrency wallets.

Celebrity Magazine: Do you offer services related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Absolutely. We handle the legal aspects of ICOs, DAOs, white papers, tokens, and cryptocurrencies. We also help register trade names and products in the blockchain trademark registry and unlock frozen cryptocurrency accounts.

Celebrity Magazine: What about contract and policy drafting?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We draft and review contracts, white papers, AML policies, terms and conditions, and partnership agreements. We also investigate potential business partners and financial institutions to prevent fraud.

Navigating Offshore Finance with Tax Planning and Web Services

Celebrity Magazine: Do you also offer digital and web services?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Yes, we provide services to create your digital identity, including website development, SEO, marketing, and social media management. We offer competitive prices for domain registration, SIM hosting, virtual offices, and telecommunications.

Celebrity Magazine: What telecommunications services do you provide?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: We offer landlines and cell phones from almost every country, with fast VoIP lines and excellent audio quality. We also provide services like hosting your SIM card so you can receive calls and SMS from clients and banks.

Celebrity Magazine: Why should clients choose your offshore legal services?

Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb: Our experience and comprehensive range of services ensure that clients receive tailored, effective solutions for their financial and legal needs, whether in Panama or globally. We are in business since 1992!

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