Bonnie Melita

“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers”

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Author Spotlight:  Bonnie Melita

“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” is a powerful and inspiring book that celebrates the courage and determination of women who listen to their hearts and follow their inner knowing above all else.

For too long, women worldwide have been suppressed and subjugated, forced to hide their gifts to survive in a patriarchal society. But now, these women have reclaimed their inner magic and embraced their divine feminine energy, rising above obstacles and serving as champions of the Goddess. Grab your copy HERE: The book showcases various archetypes of the Goddess, offering a glimpse into a world where the divine feminine and masculine work harmoniously to create a better future for all. The stories of resilience, courage, and determination will inspire you to tap into your inner magic and rise as a champion of the Goddess.

As the keepers of our ancestral heritage, charged with upholding the honor of our families and tribes, the Divine Feminine calls upon us to use our hearts and wombs to create a better world with love and integrity. Within each of us lies the power of the Goddess, waiting to be awakened by the unique light frequency we emit. Join the movement of women worldwide who are rediscovering their inner magic and rising to their rightful place as leaders and visionaries. “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” is a reminder that we all have a connection to the divine feminine, waiting to be awakened by the stories of those who have come before us. Get your copy today and tap into your own inner magic. And today, we are interviewing the amazing Bonnie Melita! Welcome Bonnie! 🙂

Bonnie Melita
Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers is now available on Amazing Pre-Sale and you can get your copy HERE:

Q. Can you tell us about your journey to connecting with the Goddess?

A. When I was four years old my mom took me to a nearby community college to see a theatre production of Agamemnon. I was riveted! Of course I wanted to know all about the other stories in Greek Mythology and she happily shared these stories with me. She always read to me, even after I could read for myself, and I remember the first story she shared was about Persephone. I was delighted at the thought that there was this woman who was so delightful that flowers stopped blooming, trees dropped their leaves and Earth became cold and frozen because she wasn’t present and as soon as she returned everything that had been saddened became joyful and alive and burst forth in bloom. It was quite a powerful image for a little girl and, I think, sent a strong message to me of the divine, lifegiving power that exists in the female version of this human experience. I used to run around our farm in the spring looking over my shoulder at any flowers “popping up” in my wake. Suffice it to say that by the time they introduced Greek Mythology in the fourth grade I was already pretty well versed. To come full circle on that, in my final year as a theatre and dance major, I was cast as Electra in Euripides’  Electra directed by the same director who had directed Agamemnon all those years ago when I was only four. It was as if Agamemnon’s daughter Electra had grown up with me and then I had the opportunity to step into her experience, express her feelings about the part of her life that I had seen, and share its resulting effects on her life.  I find that to be pretty poetic.

Q. How has embodying the essence of the divine feminine impacted your life and work?

A.  I was caring for my mom 24/7, I had recently left my beloved post as a yoga teacher at Florida International University, I was newly divorced and struggling to figure out a way to create an income stream to support us as mom’s funds were getting low. I enrolled in a program which taught us to do a summit in which we would interview experts in our field. Of course I began thinking of all of the yoga teachers I respected  and wanted to reach out to. Next the teacher told us to come up with a title for our summit right then and there and stick with it. Changing wasn’t allowed. Of course you can do whatever you want, right?

I wanted to stick with the teaching so I immediately committed to myself not to change. Next we were to write down the title on a piece of paper. I picked up my pen and out flowed the words, “ Inner Goddess Summit”. I sat there staring at the paper wondering what on earth that meant. When I came back to the present moment the teacher was telling us that we now needed to come up with a subtitle. Again I put pen to paper and the words, “Become The Powerful Goddess That You Truly Are” flowed onto the paper. I was mystified as to what I was to do with that and how it had anything to do with yoga but I went with it. Somewhere inside of me there was a deep knowing that this was going to turn out more beautifully than I could conceptualize. I am happy to say it led me to 21 of the most incredibly powerful wise women imaginable. Even the audience had a palpably powerful energy that I could feel through the ethers. The speakers repeatedly told me I was on a powerful mission.

The summit was very well received and feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. Following the summit mom’s condition soon became more time consuming and I needed to focus all of my attention on her. There were many moments that did not feel very goddessy. I was tired, worried, scared and filled with many feelings that I don’t have words for. One night I was feeling particularly tired and thought about goddesses, the summit and its audience and speakers and wondered how they would see me if they could look into my life at that moment. The answer came immediately. I clearly heard the words, “Like a goddess”. I realized the truth then.

Goddess energy may or may not have anything to do with the glamorous beauty that men fight over. It has absolutely  everything to do with being able to get into the trenches with the person who needs you most without caring about anything else. The Power of  a goddess shows up most in the hard times. The challenging times are when we need it most. It’s like that poem about the one set of footprints in the sand. In the difficult moments the person was divinely carried. I believe it is in our biggest challenges that we have the greatest opportunity to tap into the Divine. Caring for my mom is the most Divine thing I have ever had the honor of doing. Definitely it is not always pretty but always empowering when we have the courage to answer the call. Professionally we will wait and see! I am transitioning in almost every area of my life and have several  projects that I am working on but it is too soon to talk about them.  

Q. Can you offer any advice to women who are just starting on their journey with the Goddess?

A. Yes. Trust your instinct. Read and study about the historical goddess figures because that can give a solid foundation but at the end of the day listen to your own inner knowing. If that scares you, check in with yourself when you are about to take a step, or make a choice, and notice if it makes you feel light or heavy. If you feel heavy it’s likely not your truth. If you feel light it is your truth and proceeding in that direction is most likely going to work out favorably for you.

Q. How do you integrate your feminine power and wisdom into your personal and professional life?

A. Grace. To me grace is such a great guide. If I can handle every Being that I come in contact with in a state of grace, or with gracefulness, everything will always come out fine. It doesn’t matter if it is personal or professional grace is both wisdom and power.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on the role of the divine feminine in creating a better world?

A. Mmmmmmmmm….. What a nice juicy question! I actually think the world is just fine the way it is. It’s more the human condition and human notions that may need tweaking but even those are really fine too. In all of our chaos, strife and struggle and worry and turmoil it’s really all experiences. Isn’t that what we came here for? I am probably giving an answer that will not be popular with many people because we want to look at the tempest in the teapot and stir it around. When my mom flew away with the angels recently I was given a view that surprised me greatly. I knew the veil gets thinner for the person passing through. I did not know it also gets thinner for the people closest to them and stays thin for quite some time. For those who care to take the time to sit and look, listen and experience it becomes quite obvious that most of what we consider to be important in our human existence is not important at all. When we experience something that actually is important, like severe illness or a loved one leaving the planet, the emotional charge of whatever has you emotionally charged suddenly loses its charge. The truth becomes obvious. Love is all there is and anything  outside of that is frivolous. God is love. Goddess is love. You are love. I am love. As for the role of the divine feminine it is a co-creation with the divine masculine that will bring humans to a more loving place. It is not an either or situation. Yes we have been living in  a world more dominated by masculine energy and masculine ways. Changing to a world dominated by feminine energy is not the answer. No matter which one is dominant an imbalance is created. Dominance needs to dissolve and be replaced by a balance of both. The best thing the divine feminine can do is recognize both her femininity and her divinity, embrace them, embody them and join with the divine masculine who we can hope will do the same.  

Bonnie Melita

Q. How do you see the Goddess Awakening and rising in the world today?

A. In such a beautiful way the Goddess is Awakening and rising. Women are realizing and embracing their power more every day. Men are realizing, recognizing and honoring it too. As  more people get tuned in to the frequency of the sacred feminine we cannot help but  shift everything. All of the division between races, colors, genders, etc., is such a distraction from the truth and I think women have more of  a natural tendency to see this than men. It doesn’t mean women are better or that men are inept it’s simply how we are built. I think women are realizing their abilities more now and feeling their worth, understanding that we are different than men, but not less than, and in that realization comes a power that has been dormant for quite some time. It is time to recognize and claim our differences and see the beauty in the differences.

Q. Can you speak to the importance of sisterhood and community in the journey of the Goddess?

A. When we look at history all over the globe women have always gathered and shared. They gathered at the well talking and sharing the work of gathering water for the home and family, they gathered by the river and shared as they washed the clothes, now they gather in the kitchen and prepare  holiday meals. It’s innately within us and we function better in community. To not allow that to happen is against the grain of the fabric that is a woman. To embrace our sisters and share our work, our joys, our fears and tears is to strengthen our souls, our families and our communities.

Bonnie Melita

Q. What do you hope readers will take away from your chapter in Stories of the Goddess?

A. I hope they will be inspired to not only march to the beat of their own drum but to take it a step further and dance to the tune of their own penny whistle.

Q. How do you feel about the overall experience of being a part of the Stories of the Goddess book project and working with Radhaa Publishing House?

A. Wow! It has been such an uplifting journey. Radhaa and the team have been very supportive every step of the way. Additionally their method of creating community is spot on. It has been a very nurturing community in which to create which is like a breath of fresh air. Of course there are deadlines and things that need to be done but the approach to keeping us all on task and getting things done was always so loving and never harsh or judgemental which was lovely and effective.

Q. What advice do you have for other authors looking to collaborate with a publishing house and get their work published?

A. I would say do it with Radhaa Publishing House. They are exceptional in both their approach and their execution. The support on all levels has been unparalleled. I came into this at the weakest point I’ve ever been in my life. I was loved, supported, and encouraged with patience and caring. I felt seen and heard every step of the way.

Q. What are your specific offerings and how can people find you?

A. There’s this really great book I am a part of. It’s called “Stories Of The Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” that I highly recommend you pick up a copy of sooner rather than later! I think it will change your life. Oh, you already have a copy and  you’ve read it five times and got copies for everyone you know? Awesome! All joking aside, I am working on a number of large projects, but it is too soon to disclose them. Let’s just say that when they come to fruition it will be highly supportive of everything we have discussed in this interview. I can be found at to check in with what I have going on or to book interviews. I am also the author of two other books. First,“ Don’t Panic! How To Use Yoga To Survive The College Experience”, aimed at guiding college students how to take yoga off the mat and into their lives so that they develop better life skills and improve grades. Second, a fully illustrated children’s book called “The Good Witch Ella”, a story about being brave enough to make big decisions and make tough choices. Even when you feel afraid and too small for the challenges. Both are available on Amazon.

I know there’s a name discrepancy between this and my name in “Stories Of The Goddess”. To save confusion let’s address that. That’s another transition I’m making. I took my husband’s last name but now that our marriage has dissolved I am doing that thing women do and deciding what name to carry. I will probably be transitioning to Melita but changing a name everywhere you have it takes some time. Especially in today’s digital world and owning domain names. It’s ok, I like both, but Melita is a name my mom gave me and I have grown a bit weary of carrying a man’s name, be it my father or my husband, it’s still a man’s name at the end of the day and only shares a part of who I am. I like cultures that use both mother’s and father’s last names. That makes so much sense!

Bonnie is a constant student of life and all things spiritual. She was raised on an organic farm by a Mama who taught her to love the Earth and be a good steward of the land. Always fascinated with the possibilities of the human body she spent much of her life studying dance and acting, becoming a leading actress and choreographer for a professional theatre company at the age of 18. She went on to become the artistic director of the company for the last two of her six years there. She also worked in the film industry with a short stint as a stunt actress. She spent the last 22 years as a yoga teacher, during which time she also led and certified yoga teacher trainings, and performing teaching internationally with a yoga dance company. Also delving into the healing arts she is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and Reiki Master and has been enjoying that aspect of human potential. Her most mind expanding study to date is BioGeometry and she loves honing her skills at harmonizing her inner and outer environment with this powerful modality. Bonnie has spent the last 10 years serving the Divine through caring for her beloved Mom. She is currently in metamorphosis moving into the next phase of her fascinating life on this planet with great excitement and anticipation. She is the author of two books available on Amazon: “Don’t Panic! How To Use Yoga To Survive The College Experience”, and the fully illustrated children’s book, “The Good Witch Ella”. She is super excited to be an author in the soon to be released “Stories Of The Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers”! 

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