Devan Christopher Anderson

Devan Christopher Anderson was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

How old are you?

27 years (20-30 years old).

What’s your zodiac sign?



Jacksonville, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

Los Vegas, NV

Beverly Hills, California

Malibu, California

Dallas, Texas

Devan Christopher Anderson

Education and current occupation?

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University: Health Science concerted in Pre Occupational Therapist. Qualified Strength & Condition Trainer & Real Estate Agent.

What’s currently on your reading list or podcast?

90’s Baby Podcast. CLUBHOUSE:

• Black folks in Chicago be like Podcast.


• WACK100 Podcast.

• Collegekid Podcast.

• SaycheeseTV podcast.

Worldstarthiphop Podcast.

What’s New Podcast.  

• Black Man fitness worldwide Podcast.

Official Alpha psi Alpha Fraternity Podcast.

DevanAnderson- Heartstrings vibin part1
A.I. DevanAnderson- Afro Euro Big Up Di Vibes

What got you into modeling?

Mostly opportunities that were handed to me and I ended up growing a love for it.

How do you stay in peak shape? What’s your workout and diet regime?

I workout out 5 days a week. My current split is Monday: Legs Tuesday: Upper Wednesday: Legs Thursday: Shoulders & Arms Friday: Full body

What does self care look like for Devan Christopher Anderson? (We love to encourage our readers to take part in self care)

Self-care is the first sign of self-love. I love taking time to take care of myself. It makes me feel good and gives me the confidence every man should have. When it comes to how I look, how I dress, even down to my teeth I am big on self-care. I take pride in my routine, gives me peace of mind Take care of yourself, self-care, workout, handle business, eat clean, & a real natty man. My holistic approach goes beyond workouts, and meals, it’s addressing mindset and lifestyle

What is something you wish you knew before getting into modeling? Are there any dos and don’ts you would advise others pursuing it?

Learn how important it is to have a niche and be open to any opportunity. It’ll be the shoot you liked the least that will open further doors. Believing your brand and staying true to yourself. Don’t try to emulate something someone else is doing because everyone has their own lane.

We are all about black beauty, what does black beauty mean to you?

We are all kings and queens and the minute we all know our strengths we are unstoppable. Beauty comes from one embracing themselves and I love when I see other black individuals with confidence in what they do.

With a growing fan base and platform, what is something you want your followers to take away from following you on your journey?

I want them to feel as if anything is achievable. They are growing with me and I do want to motivate people. I do aim to start making more motivational messages to share with them.

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