Sahara Kuqja

Sahara Kuqja was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Introduction – Can you tell us a bit about your yourself?

My name is Sahara Kuqja. I’m 16 turning 17 in December. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and would really love to enter the industry. I used to work and ride horses but i don’t really do that as often anymore. I love beauty and enrolled in a beauty course in college but it wasn’t really for me so i changed to business and travel. I don’t attend college anymore due to mental health and wanting to focus on getting into modelling and am thankful to have a supportive family to help me do so.

Personal Background – Can you share a little experience about your Upbringing and Early Life?

I had a good upbringing and early life. My dad is from Albania and Greece and my mum is from South Africa.

Challenges and Growth – What are some of the Challenges you’ve faced in your Career, and how did you Overcome them?

I used to work at a stables and I had a lot of customer was being rude and I had to stay professional.

Passions and Hobbies – What are your Interests and Hobbies outside of your Career?

My passion and hobbies are horse riding and fashion.

Milestones and Future Goals – What are some of the Milestones you hope to Achieve in the coming years?

I want to have a successful business in fashion and own my own agency or be involved with big high end brands.

Life Lessons – What is the most Valuable Lesson you’ve learned in your Life or Career?

I’ve learnt to be cautious with who I give information to as in the past. I was deceived and had to learn who the right people to trust are!

Advice for Aspiring Artists – What advice would you give to Young Artists looking to make a Mark in the Industry?

My advice would be just to put yourself out there and be confident in yourself and that you shouldn’t be worried about being turned down because either way you have tried and have came out of your shell

Rapid-Fire Round:

Favorite book or movie name?

The Vampire Diaries.

One word to describe yourself?


If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

Henry Viii

Favorite travel destination?


In the Last, what are your Social Media Platform Links?

Instagram Handle: @29.sahara

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