Barbara was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with her.

Introduction – Can you tell us a bit about your yourself?

Hi there! I’m Barbara, a SEN Teacher. I’ve been working in the world of Special Educational Needs for 10 years, and I’m excited to share a bit about myself with all of you.

Personal Background – Can you share a little experience about your Upbringing and Early Life?

As a child, my life felt like a vibrant story influenced by my family and where I lived. I come from a small and peaceful village in North Poland. Throughout my upbringing, the essential values I carry with me today were instilled by my dearest parents. One particular lesson that stands out is the importance of respecting others, treating them with dignity, regardless of their job, appearance, or life circumstances. It’s about remembering who I am, being honest, holding onto my values, and always staying true to myself. This memory is like a snapshot of my early years, encapsulating the things that truly matter to me.

Career and Achievements – What do you consider the Highlights of your Career so far?

In my 10 years as an SEN Teacher, I’ve become really good at helping kids with various challenges like ASC, Down syndrome, ADHD, and SLD. I work hard, stay organized, and use creative teaching to help students grow and reach their goals. I’m all about creating inclusive and caring learning spaces for academic, social, and emotional development. My goal is to keep growing as an SEN Teacher, working well with others, and finding new ways to make learning awesome for my students. Now, I’m open to new opportunities, ready for different jobs, and excited to take on fresh challenges in my career.

Challenges and Growth – What are some of the Challenges you’ve faced in your Career, and how did you Overcome them?

In my career, I faced tough times when I was pregnant three times. Unfortunately, my workplace wasn’t understanding or supportive, affecting my happiness and well-being. This made me realize that, despite being helpful to others, I needed to take care of myself too. I’ve always been a good team player, working hard and supporting others. But when I needed help, it wasn’t there. This hurt my confidence. Now, I know I’m more than just a replaceable worker. I’ve learned to balance helping others with looking after myself and my family.

Rebuilding my confidence has been a slow process, but I’ve learned the importance of being happy and growing personally. My main focus is not just on work but also on my lovely children, who mean the world to me. Going through these challenges has made me stronger. I want to create a workplace where everyone is valued and supported, and I’m ready for whatever comes next in my career while keeping a healthy balance with my personal life.

Passions and Hobbies – What are your Interests and Hobbies outside of your Career?

In addition to my professional life, I find joy and balance in various activities. Going to the gym is a key part of my routine, not only for staying active but also as a way to clear my mind and feel good. Music is a big mood booster for me, and exploring different places, whether it’s a walk in nature or along the beach, brings me a beautiful and calm feeling. I have a passion for photography, especially capturing special moments with my kids and family. Although I’ve always wanted to dance, I haven’t had the chance yet. Reading is a magical escape for me, and cooking and baking are more than chores; they’re creative expressions that bring me joy. In summary, my hobbies revolve around maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exploring the world, finding peace in nature, enjoying music and books, and expressing myself through cooking and baking, all contributing to my overall happiness and well-being.

Milestones and Future Goals – What are some of the Milestones you hope to Achieve in the coming years?

In the coming years, I aspire to achieve significant milestones by focusing on personal growth and embracing new opportunities. It’s a pivotal time for me to prioritize self-development and explore uncharted paths. One avenue I’m excited about is venturing into modelling, aiming to learn new skills, build confidence, and challenge myself in this creative field. Additionally, I have aspirations to establish a small business, although the specific area is yet to be defined. By dedicating time and energy to my own needs and interests, I hope to discover the perfect niche for a successful venture and, in turn, achieve milestones that reflect both personal and professional fulfilment.

Life Lessons – What is the most Valuable Lesson you’ve learned in your Life or Career?

Reflecting on my life and career, I’ve learned a crucial lesson about prioritizing mental health. This lesson became evident during challenging times, especially when my workplace lacked support during pregnancies. It highlighted the need for acknowledging the emotional well-being and the importance of a supportive work environment. This lesson extends beyond personal experiences, emphasizing the necessity for workplaces to actively support employees, considering mental health in our fast-paced world. There’s also a collective responsibility to support each other, upholding genuine values for a more compassionate community. In essence, fostering mental health and supporting one another are fundamental aspects not to be overlooked in navigating life and work complexities.

Advice for Aspiring Artists – What advice would you give to Young Artists looking to make a Mark in the Industry?

For young aspiring artists, here’s my advice based on lessons from my life and career. First, prioritize your well-being for sustained creativity. Second, embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Believe in yourself, explore new paths, and build self-confidence. Lastly, foster a supportive network that uplifts and encourages you in this demanding industry. Remember the importance of genuine values, supporting each other, and prioritizing well-being.

Rapid-Fire Round:

Favorite book or movie name?

I really like ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ because it tells you how being positive can make a big difference. The author, Joseph Murphy, explains how our thoughts affect our lives and gives practical tips to stay positive and achieve good things.

And when it comes to movies, my absolute favourite is ‘The Notebook.’ It’s a touching movie that reminds us how powerful and lasting true love can be.

One word to describe yourself?

“Empowered” perfectly captures my journey of overcoming challenges, prioritizing self-care, and pursuing new opportunities. It reflects my strength, resilience, and commitment to personal growth and fulfilment.

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

For dinner, I’d pick Pope John Paul II. He was a strong leader who promoted peace globally. I’m interested in chatting about faith, diplomacy, and how spirituality shaped history with him. I’m curious about his strength and beliefs, wanting to learn from someone who left a big mark on the world. It’s a chance to discuss staying strong and true to your values in tough times.

Favorite travel destination?

Canada. The stunning landscapes, spacious surroundings, and breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, and lakes create a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere that makes me feel rested and happy.

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