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“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers”

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Author Spotlight:  Michele Joy

“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” is a powerful and inspiring book that celebrates the courage and determination of women who listen to their hearts and follow they’re inner knowing above all else. Women worldwide have been suppressed and subjugated for too long, forced to hide their gifts to survive in a patriarchal society. But now, these women have reclaimed their inner magic and embraced their divine feminine energy, rising above obstacles and serving as champions of the Goddess. You can grab a copy HERE: bit.ly/3Z8zeXE.

The book showcases various archetypes of the Goddess, offering a glimpse into a world where the divine feminine and masculine work harmoniously to create a better future for all. The stories of resilience, courage, and determination will inspire you to tap into your inner magic and rise as a champion of the Goddess as the keepers of our ancestral heritage, charged with upholding the honor of our families and tribes, the Divine Feminine calls upon us to use our hearts and wombs to create a better world with love and integrity. Within each of us lies the power of the Goddess, waiting to be awakened by the unique light frequency we emit. Join the movement of women worldwide who are rediscovering their inner magic and rising to their rightful place as leaders and visionaries. “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” reminds us that we all have a connection to the divine feminine, waiting to be awakened by the stories of those who have come before us. Today we are interviewing Michele Joy!

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Q. What inspired you to contribute to the Stories of the Goddess book, and how did you choose the topic or theme for your chapter?

A. When I was much younger, I embarked on my spiritual path through Wicca and paganism, and my connection with the Goddess began in my twenties. However, it was a much more external connection which is so different from how I connect today. Along my healing and spiritual development journey, I’ve come to inner stand that for me personally, the connection with the Goddess is an internal one. Connecting with the sacred within myself and that all Goddesses hold personifications that we can relate to because the sacred feminine aspects of ourselves contain the essences of the goddesses that we internalize.

Q. Can you share a bit about the process for your chapter in Stories of the Goddess book?

A. Quite early, I knew I would write about my experiences connecting to a frequency known as White Buffalo Woman, so this part was simple. The next step was to reflect on what I have learned about this energy for myself and what I have been taught during my spiritual path. Also, what I have inside of me, links me spiritually as a bond to her if you like. The message that she provides to me that I then share with others is one of empowerment and honing our connection to the Great Spirit or Source, however, you like to express in words something that has no words but the infinite consciousness that we are all a part of and carry an individual fractal of. Sometimes along the spiritual path, the direct connection with God’s Source or Great Spirit is almost seemingly forgotten and yet this is the exact reason we are on our path, to reconnect and remember that we are that infinite source of creation.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on the role of the divine feminine in creating a better world?

A. We are the nurtures, the heart-based beings who lead with our hearts. Divine feminines will support other divine feminines and not feel in constant competition with other women. We will cheer other women on and support each other, just as divine masculines can do for each other. We will not try to be all things at once. The soft heart-based nourishing energy of the feminine provides a safe world for spiritual connection, intuition, energy awareness, and healing in ways that the masculine world of rationality and science does not consider. However, the two together, with the masculine providing the safe and sacred structure, allows the divine feminine to really come into her gifts and be who she truly is.

Q. What do you hope readers will take away from your Stories of the Goddess chapter?

A. Empowerment to follow their Soul’s path! To re-discover and remember the sacred and divine within them and no longer need to seek outside of themselves. Also, the confidence to bridge the distortions we hold with the masculine. We need each other, the masculine and the feminine, in equal measure. Together we create divine love when we strive for harmony of the electric and the magnetic. Soul alignment is very important at this time on the planet so choosing your Soul over ego is what I love seeing more women doing.

Stories of the Goddess

Q. How do you feel about the overall experience of being a part of the Stories of the Goddess book project and working with Radhaa Publishing House?

A. It’s been a wonderfully fluid journey. Radhaa herself is a beautiful support to women and is a pleasure to work with. It’s been easy and flexible. I came on board a little later and, being in Australia, found it hard to make all of the meetings, but everything you need is there to support improvement in your writing and building confidence. It’s a well-put-together writing program.

Q. Can you speak to the importance of sisterhood and community in the goddess’s journey?

A. Healing the wounded feminine and unveiling our sacred feminine aspects once more is deeply healing for women overall. Coming together as sisters is a big part of that. We have to be careful not to allow spiritual ego into these circles however or  become inaccessible or too exclusive. Remembering that we are all a work in progress and sometimes we are still triggered, so a supportive sisterhood community that is spiritually and emotionally mature will be of the utmost importance to a woman’s journey back to her sacred nature.

Q. What are your specific offerings, and how can people find you?

A. I am all about helping women (and men) clear their emotional bodies. I use a very sacred healing journey of breathwork called Rebirthing to do this. I also use Energy Healing and Sound Healing, but Rebirthing is such a sacred shamanic journey into one being that truly detoxes the baggage and allows for lightness to be embodied. I am offering particular packages at the moment for both online and in-person, and they can be found on my website, as noted below.

My website is www.sacred-healing-journeys.com, and my email is sacredhealingjourneys111@gmail.com.

Q. How has Radhaa Publishing House supported you in bringing your vision to life in Stories of the Goddess book? What do you appreciate most about their approach to collaboration and partnership?

A. It helped me grow in confidence with my writing even further. Beautiful but genuine encouragement. I still went into a program of  disbelief in the early stages that my writing was valued, but knowing that this was my wounding to heal and that Radhaa and her team were honestly giving me their authentic feedback. Taking this feedback on board and feeling proud of myself is very healing.

Q. What do you think sets Stories of the Goddess book apart from other books about goddesses or divine feminine energy? How do you see it contributing to the larger conversation about these topics?

A. There was a lot of autonomy in choosing what we wanted to write about therefore, it was very empowering. There was no set formula so the authors could come into the sacred feminine in the way that we access her in our independent lives, but then we came together to receive writing support, healing support, and encouragement where needed.

Q. What was your favorite aspect of working on the Stories of the Goddess book project, and how has it influenced your personal and spiritual growth?

A. As I mentioned earlier, the project experience helped me grow in confidence with my writing. I enjoyed the interviews with Radhaa and Danielle and watching the replays of the meeting. Many meetings I could not attend live because of time differences and my client schedule but it was heartening to see the authors coming together.

Q. How do you hope Stories of the Goddess book will contribute to the larger conversation around gender equality, Divine Feminine, and the reclamation of feminine power?

A. Projects like Stories of the Goddess  are contributing to the dissolution of the inverted programming of gender wars that we have been experiencing on this planet for too long. It’s important that we realize that men too have been programmed by this inverted matrix. This means many women are on the path to understanding this and not holding men accountable for all the problems of this world. When women hold their hands out to men in peace and love, as well of course, to other women, we feel the peace of the sacred feminine or the goddess awakening. Empowering women into their sacredness and out of their woundedness is like holding our hand out to men and inviting them to do the same. We heal, they heal and vice versa because we are so connected and we need each other (the energetics of masculine and feminine).

Q. How do you think Radhaa Publishing House is helping to elevate women’s voices and celebrate the divine feminine through the Stories of the Goddess book and other publications?

A. By supporting the reconnection of sister circles and sisterhood in general. To revive the sacred feminine and heal the wounded parts of women so we can be in unity rather than separation.

Q. Can you speak to the level of support and collaboration you received from Radhaa Publishing House throughout the writing and publishing process and how this contributed to the success of your chapter in Stories of the Goddess book?

A. It’s been a lovely fluid journey. Radhaa herself is a beautiful support to women and is a pleasure to work with. It’s been easy and flexible. I came on board a little later and, being in Australia, found it hard to make all of the meetings, but everything you need is there to support improvement in your writing and building confidence. It’s a well-put-together writing program.

Q. Can you speak to the importance of creating spaces and opportunities for women to share their stories and perspectives on spirituality and the divine feminine? How do you see Stories of the Goddess’s book contributing to that vision?

A. Creating safe spaces when women no longer have to be in their competitive masculine sides with other women is part of our evolution out of the woundedness.  It fills my heart to see this happening more and cacao ceremonies and women’s retreats are so healing. I feel it’s only going to continue.   There is still a bit of work to be done with spiritual ego, but all the shadow is coming up to be healed so patience and understanding are needed as we see big changes in the world. Stories of the Goddess is a striking example of this healing in the world. I’m so proud to be part of it.

Q. How do you see the Stories of the Goddess book continuing to empower women and promote the divine feminine in the future?

A. I can imagine young women reading this book and becoming spiritually activated which is beautiful. All women will receive the activation, but I believe the younger women who have been so affected by social media stigma and programming will truly benefit. The beauty of this book is that it’s an activation that can be read over and over. If you like, open up to the chapter that is needed at the time as a type of oracle. Such amazing frequencies are encased and shared in this magnificent book.

Q. What role do you see yourself playing in this movement? 

A. Empowering women to love themselves is my role by releasing their emotional body wounds. When we love ourselves truly, and genuinely, we have no need to be jealous, critical, or judgemental of other women. I want to keep inspiring this in women.

Q. Can you share your superpower and how it connects to your writing and spiritual practice? How do you hope to inspire and empower others through your work?

A. Facilitating sacred healing journeys that bring you to a deeper connection to the Divine Mother and Father God Source or Great Spirit.

Q. Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives you are working on or excited about?

A. I have some special offers on Rebirthing packages on my website, and I am also starting to offer Sacred Sound Healings online.  The first one will be on April 22nd with recordings available. Even if you cannot attend live, you can still receive the energetic sound healing experience multiple times to deepen the healing.  will be participating in a wonderful online spiritual Summit with Patricia Wald-Hopkins just after Easter. Stay tuned to the ‘Voices of Gaia’ Facebook page which is hosted by Patricia. You can also follow me on my Facebook page ‘Sacred Healing Journeys’  for any upcoming projects and programs I offer.

Q. What do you believe is the ultimate message or takeaway of Stories of the Goddess book, and how do you hope readers will engage with and embody that message in their own lives?

A. All women are beautiful inside and out, all women have wounds to heal and sacred divine feminines inside once they resolve those wounds. Their light is even more beautiful once we come together and support each other and genuine heart-based self-love is key!

Michele Joy offers Sacred Healing Journeys including Energy and Sound Healing, Mentoring, and Rebirthing Breathwork. She supports women and men to transcend their traumas and old programs by releasing blocked energies so that they can be fully re-connected to their inner sacredness of the Divine Mother and Divine Father Source.

Michele sees clients from all over the world online as well as in-person locally. Connect with Michele via her website www.sacred-healing-journeys.com where you will also find her Social Media handles or you can email her at  sacredhealingjourneys111@gmail.com

Stories of the Goddess

Join the movement of women worldwide rediscovering their inner magic and rising as today’s feminine leaders. Tap into your inner goddess with “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” at bit.ly/3Z8zeXE. Unleash your writing potential and become part of the community of conscious authors at Radhaa Publishing House, where we champion the voice of the feminine. Collaborate with like-minded writers on a journey to publishing success and join our community of goddess storytellers. Elevate your writing and connect with a community that shares your passion for storytelling: www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com.

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