Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in ‘Poems From The Heart’ by Radhaa Publishing House

Cristal Ortiz

Step into the luminous world of poetic expression with Cristal Ortiz as Radhaa Publishing House proudly presents her enchanting verses in ‘Poems From The Heart.’ This anthology is a testament to the profound impact of poetry, curated to resonate deeply with themes of love, loss, joy, and resilience. Cristal Ortiz’s poetry invites readers to embark on an introspective journey, where each line breathes life into emotions and experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Explore the tapestry of emotions woven by Cristal Ortiz’s lyrical prowess, where every stanza paints vivid landscapes of the heart and mind. Celebrate the enduring legacy of ‘Poems From The Heart,’ where poetry becomes a vessel for connection, healing, and enlightenment. Through her evocative verses, Cristal Ortiz invites you to discover the beauty of vulnerability and the power of poetic expression.

Join us as we delve into the soul-stirring world of Cristal Ortiz’s poetry. Stay tuned for an exclusive glimpse into her inspirations, insights, and the transformative journey behind ‘Poems From The Heart.’ Embrace the magic of poetry and allow Cristal Ortiz’s words to resonate deeply within your soul, inviting you to experience the essence of ‘Poems From The Heart’ in its fullest brilliance.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

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Table of Contents

Q. Please share a bit about yourself and your love of poetry.

I have enjoyed poetry since childhood, thanks to my father reciting silly ones he had made up himself and my aunt’s love of writing to express herself. I have always found the creativity behind the expression of words and rhyming fascinating.

Q. What inspired you to participate in “Poems From The Heart” and share your poetry?

I was asked by Radhaa herself if I would like to be a part of this project, and having had a beautiful prior experience working with her on the very first Awakening Starseeds book, how could I say no?!  

Q. How do you approach the process of self-discovery and reflection through your poetry, and how has it evolved?

I can’t lie; I experience writer’s block quite severely, often leading to procrastination. To overcome this, I sought inspiration by praying at the beach to my guardian angel, Yemaya, asking for mental clarity and the ability to let my words flow as effortlessly as she waves onto the shore. A few days later, I suddenly wanted to pick up my notebook and pen and complete my poem within two hours. I was ecstatic!

My process has mostly stayed the same over time. I followed the same ritual for submitting my story to the Awakening Starseeds, Vol. 1 book by Radhaaa Publishing House. Prayer by the water has consistently helped me achieve many great things, so I believe it’s wise to maintain this practice.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. Your creative process is undoubtedly unique and deeply personal. Could you provide insight into the sources of inspiration that fuel your poetic vision?

As mentioned, water inspires me and provides the insight I need in almost every aspect of my life. I am a Scorpio, a water sun sign, with a Cancer moon, another water sign. My guardian angel, Yemaya, is the mother of the ocean and is often depicted as a mermaid. Both of my daughters are Pisces water signs as well. Water is the beginning of all life; without it, there is no life. We start in the womb surrounded by water; we need water to drink, cook, and clean. Water helps the foods we eat and the trees that provide us oxygen to grow. Water carries messages, and its molecular structure can be completely changed with words of affirmation or damaged by harsh words. Water is life!

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. How has this collaboration influenced your artistic journey, and what aspects of their support stood out?

This collaboration has influenced my artistic journey, knowing that many people are involved in creating this book from all walks of life and all with different paths, knowing that we are all a part of the collective and, at the end of it all, one huge consciousness. The support that stood out to me most was that no matter how overwhelmed I became with conducting interviews (especially during mercury retrograde), somebody could help me figure something out or give guidance. The support in this experience was above and beyond with the entire team.

Q. How does “Poems From The Heart” transcend traditional poetry collections to offer readers a unique experience? What significance does the collaboration with poets worldwide hold in today’s context?

I feel that ‘Poems From The Heart’ transcends traditional poetry collections because there were actual live writing workshops offered on many occasions to the authors to help us with writing exercises, build our confidence as writers, be able to use the same set of 5-7 words to all make our poetry piece. Yet, those same few words were used and written into so many different viewpoints from each individual. I don’t think that any other publisher offers such support to their authors to make them feel welcome. The significance of having poets from around the world is beneficial because it shows that we can come together to create something beautiful to share no matter the distance between us or our time zone; Radhaa Publishing was there for us.

Q. How do you believe this collective effort will impact readers and fellow poets?

It will impact readers and fellow poets because it shows that when people come together to create and do it for the good of their hearts, pretty much anything is possible.

Q. How has this partnership with Radhaa Publishing and the Author Incubator contributed to your growth as a poet?

I enjoyed the Author Incubator support because I had a serious writer’s block and was stuck for a few months with nothing to write, not even a scribble. The program and workshops helped with the process and overcoming that hurdle.

Q. What do you hope readers will most cherish and remember about your contributions to “Poems From The Heart”?

I hope readers will learn more from my poetry about who Yemaya is and the protection she offers us as a mother to all. I hope it can bring insight and education to those who think it’s wrong or taboo.

Q. Can you share a significant moment or experience that solidified your passion for poetry?

I’ve enjoyed poetry since childhood. One of my aunts, Miriam, most influenced me. She loved writing, and I remember her always having a journal or notebook with her writings inside. Some of them were clever and unique, and she even remembered them and would recite them to us.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. Looking back at your journey with “Poems From the Heart,” what lessons have you learned about the power of poetry and collaboration in storytelling and self-expression?

I’ve learned, number one, to have more patience. I wanted to throw in the towel a few times, and each time, something worked out to get me one step further with this project. I also learned that collaboration takes time due to everyone’s matters, and sometimes we cannot rush. I’ve learned that each author has their form of self-expression via their life experiences, which deeply inspires their storytelling viewpoint(s).  

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. Will you be doing a book signing event, and how do you envision sharing your work and engaging with your audience live?

I would love to do a book signing event. I would love to do this with my sister-in-law and fellow collaborative author, Sabrina Avalo. It would be something truly special and inspiring to our family. I want to connect with my audience by having book signings, promoting it on social media, and having a place to sell my book, possibly my website that offers other services. I am building a YouTube channel to post the interviews I’ve conducted with other authors to have as much engagement as possible.

Q. What are your aspirations and goals as a poet, and how do you envision your poetic voice continuing to evolve and grow?

I am not too sure where I would like it to go, but I would love to be able to record some of my poetry, including ones I’ve never shared with anyone, and attend live poetry stand-ups to both watch and possibly get the guts enough to get in front of people to share.

Q. With the release of “Poems From the Heart,” what are you most excited about, and how do you plan to promote the book within your network and community?

I am excited to have a second piece of writing published! I am excited to share this opportunity with my sister-in-law and see how excited and happy she is about this project. I would love to promote it together. The most positive experience of this poetic journey to “Poems From the Heart”  was meeting other authors and making meaningful connections with them.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. What do you hope readers will most treasure about your work in “Poems From The Heart”?

I hope people familiar with Yemaya will feel the sentiment and love I put into this piece of poetry.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

Q. Thank you for sharing your journey with us; how can readers engage with you further?

Readers can connect with me on Instagram: crystals/.

Author Spotlight on Cristal Ortiz, Poet in 'Poems From The Heart' by Radhaa Publishing House

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