Yvonne Irene Ulloa

“Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers”

Curated by Radhaa Publishing House

Author Spotlight:  Yvonne Irene Ulloa

Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” is a powerful and inspiring book that celebrates the courage and determination of women who listen to their hearts and follow their inner knowing above all else.

Women worldwide have been suppressed and subjugated for too long, forced to hide their gifts to survive in a patriarchal society. But now, these women have reclaimed their inner magic and embraced their divine feminine energy, rising above obstacles and serving as champions of the Goddess.The book showcases various archetypes of the Goddess, offering a glimpse into a world where the divine feminine and masculine work harmoniously to create a better future for all. The stories of resilience, courage, and determination will inspire you to tap into your inner magic and rise as a champion of the Goddess.

As the keepers of our ancestral heritage, charged with upholding the honor of our families and tribes, the Divine Feminine calls upon us to use our hearts and wombs to create a better world with love and integrity. Within each of us lies the power of the Goddess, waiting to be awakened by the unique light frequency we emit. Join the movement of women worldwide who are rediscovering their inner magic and rising to their rightful place as leaders and visionaries. “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” reminds us that we all have a connection to the divine feminine, waiting to be awakened by the stories of those who have come before us. Get your copy, bit.ly/3Z8zeXE, and tap into your inner Goddess! Today we are interviewing Yvonne Irene.

Q. Can you tell us about your journey to connecting with the Goddess?

A. As a young child I grew up in a traditional Latino household where Catholicism was practiced. I did not learn about the Goddesses until 6th grade. My class was studying a unit that covered ancient civilizations. We mainly looked at the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. My favorite part of those lessons was learning about the Gods and Goddesses from those time periods. I was so fascinated by all of the Goddesses, and I remember going to the library in search of books to learn more about them and their stories.

My interest in the Goddess and the divine feminine has always stayed with me. But it was pushed out of the forefront as new goals and dreams began to emerge for me once I entered middle school. My focus shifted onto doing well in school so I could achieve my dream of going to college. Since that shift happened I had been living in my masculine expression – always go, go, go.

In the most recent years I have been working on connecting back with the energy of the Goddess. Reconnecting back with this energy made me feel like I was back in 6th grade. I am so grateful to have revisited the Goddesses that I learned about in the past and add in new Goddesses. The stories of these Goddesses have helped me reconnect with and regain my feminine power.

Q. How has embodying the essence of the divine feminine impacted your life and work?

A. Prior to embodying the essence of the divine feminine I felt like a hamster running on a wheel that would slow down. I was like many women who grew up in immigrant households where I constantly heard the message that I needed to work hard. If I did not work hard then I was not honoring the sacrifices that my parents made from leaving their respective countries to come to the United States. I felt the pressure to do well and succeed. So much so that my life began to solely revolve around doing well in school.

I received my master’s degree in Spring 2018, and I moved to a new city to start up my career as a school counselor. My life slowly began to shift from being all about school to being all about work. I had absolutely no life outside of my job, and I felt that I had no extra time for anything else. I was in a mode of constant hustle that left me feeling burnt out and unhappy.

It was not until I made the decision to leave the job that I had worked myself to the bone to achieve that I began to allow myself to work with divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy helped me recover and heal from burnout. It allowed me to slow down and take the time that I needed to heal. In that process I learned how to heal my body by allowing myself to eat foods that nourish me and keep me healthy. I manifested and called in soul aligned friendships with women who are kind and caring. Women who are beautiful examples of that receptive and nurturing energy.

The biggest impact that I have received from embodying the divine feminine energy has been healing my relationship with myself and my body. Due to the way that I pushed myself to achieve I was always so hard on myself. Negative self-talk and picking myself apart were second nature to me. When I started to show myself more love, acceptance, and compassion I felt a shift happen within me. I began to deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself. I began to nurture and care for myself, and it made me feel so much joy. It was a joy that I wanted to share with clients and bring into my coaching practice.

Q. Can you offer any advice to women just starting their journey with the Goddess?

A. When I started my journey I would seek out the Goddesses that represented the quality that I was looking to embody and embrace in my life. The beauty of the Goddess is that there are so many Goddesses out there. Each one has her own story that shares her unique medicine. I would invite women looking to start their journeys with the Goddess to come with an open mind and heart. If you feel a pull toward a certain Goddess go in that direction! You are feeling that pull for a reason.

Yvonne Irene Ulloa

Q. How do you integrate your feminine power and wisdom into your personal and professional life?

A. Prior to working with divine feminine energy I was heavily in my masculine. I would push myself beyond my limits and burn out. Even though I was burnt out I still felt the pressure to be constantly on at all times. If I was not being productive then I felt guilt and shame.

The biggest lesson that I have been working on is opening myself up to receive. I used to be someone that never allowed others to do anything for me or give me anything. I felt that I needed to do it all on my own.

What I have been integrating is the message that it is safe for me to receive. It is safe for me to ask for support when I need it, and it is safe for me to accept support when it is being offered to me. This has opened me up to many opportunities in my personal and professional life.

One of the greatest manifestations is through being a part of this book and the community that has come through Radhaa Publishing House and the women featured in this book. A friend of mine invited me to join a healing session that Radhaa was hosting. She felt a call to share the event with me, and I attended. It was a beautiful experience with all the women in that session. That healing session introduced me to Radhaa and her offerings. I had always dreamed of becoming an author, but I never knew how to approach it. I opened myself up to dream. Then the opportunity to be a part of this book appeared and I happily received it.

Q. Can you share your thoughts on the role of the divine feminine in creating a better world?

A. Currently I feel that we are living in a world that praises and celebrates the masculine energy. Masculine energy is wonderful to channel when we need to accomplish tasks and take action. However, we are not meant to be on the go at the drop of a hat.

So many women are channeling their masculine energy because it is what we are told we need to do in order to succeed. I used to work as a mental health professional and I saw firsthand the toll that this took on my clients and colleagues. Eventually I even saw it happening in myself. That led to me burning out, leaving my old 9-5 life behind, and taking the time to nurture and heal myself.

When I look back at the previous chapters of my life I grieve for that little girl, teenager, and young woman. She was told that it was neither safe nor acceptable to be in her feminine energy. That energy would not support her in achieving her dreams or goals.

But it was not until I took the time to stop and take care of myself that my world began to open up. It was not until I was truly ready to surrender and receive that I saw my manifestation board come to life. It was not until I embraced my own divine feminine energy that I felt like I could truly support myself and those who are in my world. The divine feminine brings in the kind of support that helps us nurture and care for ourselves and others. There is no greater gift that we give to ourselves and others than compassion and love.

Q. How do you see the goddess awakening and rising today?

A. When I think of the times that my grandmothers, great grandmother’s, and the women from my lineage have lived it gives me immense gratitude to be alive today. I am grateful for opportunities like this book where women are coming together to share their stories and connection to the Goddess. It brings me joy that women are reclaiming the teachings of the Goddess and sharing them with others. It’s through these kinds of open-hearted sharing opportunities that these messages can reach more women.

We live in a time where more people are becoming open-minded and technology is making it easier for people to find information. Technology is making it easier for us to find community and connect with like-minded souls. I think this is beautiful because when we begin our journeys we often may feel alone and like we no longer resonate with our previous connections.

I am so grateful for spaces where women can come together is sisterhood and community. As more women begin to rise up and come together they continue to help the Goddess energy awaken and rise up. So much beauty and healing comes from women coming together in community. That ripple effect continues to go out and impact the collective deeply beyond what we could fathom.

Q. Can you speak to the importance of sisterhood and community in the goddess’s journey?

A. I used to be someone who prided herself in being a lone wolf and being able to do everything on my own. The thought of asking for help made me feel inadequate. Especially if I needed to ask for help from a woman. I was carrying deep sisterhood wounds from past relationships that made me feel unsafe with women. The beginning of my journey was lonely and isolating. I found a group container around healing through astrology. It sounded perfect to me. I love astrology and I adored the astrologer teaching the course. However, I felt hesitant to join because it would involve being vulnerable with women who I didn’t know. That absolutely terrified me. But I took the chance and joined this container.

I am so grateful that I joined that container. I showed up with an open mind and open heart. I got vulnerable and honest with the women in the group. It was brand new for me and quite scary. But I felt so held by the sisters in that group. The women in that group inspired me with the ways that they showed up for each woman in the group and the vulnerability that they brought into each session.

When the group was coming to a close I felt a sadness wash over me. I was going to miss seeing each woman every week. I was going to miss the sense of sisterhood and community that I gained from the group. It was through that group that I began to heal my own sisterhood wounds.

There is so much power that comes when women come together in a circle. So much healing happens and beautiful connections are built. I am so grateful that I can call all the women from that group my sisters. These are women who I can reach out to when I am having a difficult time and need support. These are also women who I can call to catch up with and have a good time. There is nothing more healing than having a group of sisters by your side on your journey.

Q. What do you hope readers will take away from your chapter in Stories of the Goddess?

A. My hope is that readers of my chapter will be able to say the words, “I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself,” to themselves. In our world we are programmed to be hard on ourselves. When a woman embraces self-love and exudes confidence she can get called cocky or conceited. But the moment she begins to pick at her flaws she is seen as more approachable or relatable.

So many women are wonderful at showing love and compassion for others in their lives. They give and give to all those in their circles. When they self-sacrifice themselves for others we are seen as “good.” However, many times we as women forget to extend that same level of love and compassion to ourselves. I would like for readers to remember that they are 100% worthy as they are to receive all the love and compassion that they give to others.

Q. How do you feel about the overall experience of being a part of the Stories of the Goddess book project and working with Radhaa Publishing House?

A. Becoming an author was always a big dream that I had as a child. However, I never thought it would be possible for a student that spoke English as a second language and struggled with reading and writing in school. All of those limiting beliefs were shattered when I joined Stories of the Goddess. The amount of support and guidance that I received from Radhaa Publishing House along the journey made me feel like my dream was possible. Now my childhood dream of becoming a published author is coming true.

Q. What advice do you have for other authors looking to collaborate with a publishing house and get their work published?

A. I would recommend that a prospective author reach out to the publishing house. Radhaa Publishing House offered the option of group and 1-1 calls with prospective writers to see if Stories of the Goddess would be a good fit for them. If an opportunity like this I recommend that they sign up because it can help give clarity around the collaboration process with that specific publishing house and opens up a space to ask questions.

Q. What are your specific offerings, and how can people find you?

A. I am an embodiment coach and somatic healer. I help women reconnect with their divine feminine power and sexuality through my coaching practice and 1-1 sessions. I can be found on Instagram @hermanashealing.

About the Author – Yvonne Irene Ulloa

Yvonne Irene Ulloa is an embodiment coach and somatic healer that helps women reconnect with their divine feminine energy, bodies, and sexuality. She supports women in building their confidence and self-love, and feels empowered. Yvonne teaches and guides women through her coaching practice where she utilizes astrology, breathwork, EFT tapping, mindset coaching, psychology, and somatic healing to help her clients alchemize their dream lives. As a certified EFT tapping practitioner and an astrologer, she is also a love, sex, and relationship coach.

Yvonne Irene grew up in a Latino household in the Bay Area, traversing between two worlds. One was where Spanish was spoken at home with her parents and family, and another was where English was spoken with her peers and friends from school.

She studied for eight years and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. She specialized in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling and School Counseling and spent six years working in the world of mental health before becoming a spiritual entrepreneur and world traveler. Link to work or connect with Yvonne Irene: IG Handle: @hermanashealing.

Yvonne Irene Ulloa

Join the movement of women worldwide rediscovering their inner magic and rising as today’s feminine leaders. Tap into your inner goddess with “Stories of the Goddess: Divine Feminine Frequency Keepers” at bit.ly/3Z8zeXE. Unleash your writing potential and become part of the community of conscious authors at Radhaa Publishing House, where we champion the voice of the feminine. Collaborate with like-minded writers on a journey to publishing success and join our community of goddess storytellers. www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com.

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