Tasawwur-e-Khass collection is fusion of ethnic culture with modern trends based on middle east with Pakistani roots. It is best known for its traditional and ever-changing designs in its apparel collection. The name of the brand “Tasawwur-e-Khass” make it more special among customers, which means a special vision or new perspective to see things.  Tasawwur-e-Khass provides a range of wardrobe choices that are developed according to seasonal changes and cultural preferences in mind. Tasawwur-e-Khass no way fails to stun its customers with its massive selection of majestic yet colourful prints. The brand brings out fresh prints representing cultural substances through vibrant colours and geometrical patterns. It adds a great taste in fashion that a person loves to try.

Why Choose “Tasawwur-e-Khass”?

Traditional Collections:  As the name proposes, the brand wants to embrace its roots and try to work mainly on the “Cultural and Traditional” themes in its collections. It is an online fashion wear that is a fusion of cultural silhouettes with an artistic mix of modern trends, feminine detail & traditional aesthetics.

Unique Patterns in Dreamy Palettes: Take a look at the “ Noor Jahan” collection consist of charismatic silhouettes & dreamy palettes. All their collections consist of stunning complimenting colours tastefully made with ethical influences using a unique enchanting floral pattern.


Inventive Designs: “Tasawwur-e-Khass” keep coming up with modern shapes & cuts also delivering brand new sophisticated, classical, and impeccable designs.

Affordability: The fashion brand will leave you astonished by its beautiful collection of classic ready-to-wear in an economical range.

Premium Quality & Durability: “Tasawwur-e-Khass” is loved by its customers because of its use of pure, soft, and high-quality fabric. Materials used in the product are highly sustainable so that they can last over the years without losing their shine.


Jashn-e-Riwaaz Collection: There is the premium Tasawwur-e-Khass collection, which is “Jashn-e-Riwaaz”. This collection is for semi formal and articles like Liyana, Ruhee, Masakali,  Almas,  Maleeka are part of this.


Dhanak Collection: The Dhanak collection which is full of handmade tye dyes and colorful hues articles like Rangrez, Amber, Sunheri, Rangeen, Gul, Neelofar are part of this collection.


Rozana Collection: Rozana is the  affordable price range collection of comfy clothing which has different hangtags that says Rozana made in love from Pakistan. Articles likes Floraison, Feroza, Siyah, Zard and Gulabi are part of this beautiful collection.


Noor Jahan Collection: Noor Jahan is the latest collection which has all modern cuts in cultural and ethnic touch. In short, this collection is named as modern tale of the walled city. Which shows how in these old roads, now a days a girl can carry herself. It is shooted in Androon Lahore Surjan Singh Gali to bring out the ethnicity. Articles like Noor jahan Chunari, Basanti, Siyah-o-Safaid, Neel Kamal, Orchid, Nergis and Dahlia are part of collection.



“Tasawwur-e-Khass” is founded by the collaboration of entrepreneur sisters Falak Irshad and Zamzam Irshad. Falak Irshad is a fashion designer with Pakistani roots living in the Middle East, having an experience of 14 years in the Middle East fashion industry with international and Middle East local brands in both PRET-A-PORTER and Haute Couture clothing. Falak has a very good understanding of evolution in fashion, the latest fashion trends and has very good predictions about upcoming fashion. While Zamzam Irshad is a passionated Creative lead of the Brand who thinks globally and strategically for all on overall design elements including PR & marketing of their brand ‘Tasawwur-e-Khass’.

In future, Tasawwur-e-Khass couture is coming soon. Till now, all the collection of this brand is available at very affordable prices for their customers.

For more information, You can visit their official Social Media Platforms:

Instagram Page: @tasawwurekhass.official

Facebook Page: @tasawwurekhass.official

TikTok Account: @Tasawwurekhass.Official

Official Website: https://tasawwur.net/

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