What’s Mmt_003?

We’ve been following Idriss D for a while now, an Algerian DJ/ Producer, DB Artists and Memento Records CEO based in Italy who launched his brand MMT_Berlin a few years ago. The first item released was a t-shirt carrying a strong message supporting women. The new piece is called MMT_3 and it’s a hoodie with the “NICHE” logo on it.

Our sweatshirt reflects our unique brand style, a blend of Minimal and Streetwear design. The hoodie is made in Italy using a high quality fabric and features a glossy black-on-black print with the word “NICHE” (meaning “cool”) on the front and the MMT_003 logo on the back (a nod to the series we have produced) that stands for the exclusivity of every model, each one of them a one-off piece ready to be collected by our friends and fans!! 

Why this choice?

Because we consider ourselves a “niche”, so to speak. That’s the way I like to see things, not in a mainstream or commercial way. Maybe it could have negative consequences for my career, I could be much bigger and reach bigger audiences, but at the end of the day that’s ok for me. I’m very happy this way!!

Pic Mmt_003 in Chicago by Matthew Reeves

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