Acheekybuddhist, also known as Booh, is a woman of many talents, and she’s not shy about showing them off. As a graphic designer and digital artist, she uses her skills to create stunning visuals and artwork that are both eye-catching and thought-provoking. Whether she’s designing logos for businesses or creating illustrations for her own projects, Acheekybuddhist’s work is always top-notch.

But that’s not all – she’s also a talented musician (with music available on all major streaming platforms). The multi-ethnic Louisiana French Creole queen comes equipped with a myriad of skills and experiences under her belt. From writing books to making music to working as a fashion designer, Acheekybuddhist is a real-life Mary Poppins, constantly pulling surprises out of her bag. Her music is a reflection of her eclectic personality, blending genres and styles to create a sound that is uniquely hers. As a synesthete, Acheekybuddhist experiences sound in a way that is different from most people, and this unique perspective is reflected in her music.


Always looking to learn and grow, she’s currently a cinematography student, and passionate about exploring new ways to tell stories through film. She works closely with her confidant and mentor, famous R&B singer Allen McNeil, who has been a major influence on all of newest her work. Her eclectic perspectives have also influenced her work in countless ways that have helped her to create art and music that is truly one-of-a-kind. She’s also graciously allowed me to conduct a public Q&A for the history books.


Hui: Hello, thank you for answering my call. I’m going to ask you some personal questions just to help us all get to know you a bit. If I ask anything that you feel is intrusive certainly feel free to step over the question.

Booh: Thank you.

Hui: I know this may sound creepy but I’ve been looking into any information about you that I could find. I didn’t find much other than your Instagram profiles. Is there a reason that you’re not making a huge marquee of yourself? To get more followers or fans?

Booh: Because I don’t want to. Sometimes I’m in the mood to be social but it’s rare. I’m very boring to be honest. There’s literally nothing to show or see other than random pics I may post from time to time and I don’t really post many pics of myself often. I don’t think I have enough fans for that to be an issue. If I create something I’ll post a pic of it for promotional reasons and that’s about it. Either my followers see it or they don’t,  but I definitely do appreciate any love and support that I get from people. I’m always grateful for the people who can relate to me. I’m a bit weird you know.

Hui: Art and sound. When did you first discover that you were good at drawing? And how did you learn to make beats?

Booh: Like most children I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to grip a crayon with my fingers. Just being something I liked doing I got good at it as the years went on. The funny thing is that in this new digital era I had to retrain myself artistically and learn to use digital pens and draw on apps and use software like ProCreate and Adobe Illustrator. I’ve spent so much time readjusting my skills that I’m starting to suck tremendously at drawing with a regular pencil and paper. As far as making beats goes I’m self taught. I’ve been fumbling around with GarageBand since 2015. Before that I’d tinker with the free trial versions of software like Pro Tools and Fruityloops like everyone else did. Something I did out of boredom and eventually began to get the hang of it.

Hui: If I had to pick the deejay or music producer out of a crowd full of people, based on appearances you’d be last person I’d guess. You strike me as being more of a pink poodles and latte type of lady and not someone who’s into HipHop and auxiliary cords.

Booh: Sometimes I’m pink prissy and diamond chandeliers and sometimes I’m very Krylon and Chuck Taylor. And all of the time I’m very sweatpants and a t-shirt. I’m not a cookie cutter personality type. I move by mood. Right now my mood is pajamas, schnapps, and Sarah Vaughan.

Hui: Growing up who were some of the music artists or groups that were your go to sounds?

Booh: I’ve always loved bands like Duran Duran and Tears For Fears. The list is long for me. Zapp, Expose, Sade, Stevie B, EPMD, Radiohead, Cherrelle, Alice In Chains, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Box, we can sit here and do this all day. I love music it’s therapeutic.


I’m not too fond of country music but everything else I can dig it.

Hui: I first heard your name a few months back when I heard a beat called “Heart Dripping”. That song, the beat really gets deep into your bones and zones you out. It sounds the way crying feels but in a beautiful way . I know that all of your work whether it be a drawing, a pot roast, or music, is inspired by something. What were you feeling when you made that particular track?

Booh: What I was feeling at the time was love, hatred, insecurity, love again, heartbreak, and confusion. And then a love ridden weakness. Defeat. Sometimes we have people in our lives who are very emotive that we just can’t seem to let go of. So the sound is the feeling my heart questioning a love that I’m unsure of. So yes the song is crying. And it’s also punching and fighting. In both a beautiful and heartbreaking way.

Hui: Wow that was very deep. A perfect example of why I avoid everything to do with love. Listening to the emotions you were feeling when you created some of your beats made my heart sink. Are you still in contact with this person? And how do they feel about the song? Do they know it was inspired by them.

Booh: Yes.

Hui: You have books, entire novels written by you on Amazon, you have artwork for sale on Art websites, and you also work with clothing designs. You have a very busy schedule I see. When do you take time for yourself? The website is draped with so much dopeness! I’ve got my eye on a few things just to let you know. Tell us about the website and what it’s like to be involved with a fashion brand.

Booh: Well it’s not my website or my brand. It belongs to Allen McNeil. As far as being a part of his venture I’m honored. It’s a surreal feeling sometimes and then other times I want to throw in the towel and give up, it’s a lot of work. What we do isn’t something that can be done in five minutes let alone five hours. It typically takes half of the day to create one product idea from scratch and then bring it to existence. Fortunately he’s very patient with my dramatic defeatist moments, so he’s a potent source encouragement for me. He keeps me together and on my toes [laughs]. There’s work to do. So the focus is always “let’s get this done!”

Hui: What’s your relationship with Allen McNeil? How did you two meet?

Booh: One night a light flashed in the sky and then I looked over my shoulder and there he was. And we’ve known each other ever since. So prodigious. I wouldn’t trade him for all of the diamonds in the universe. That’s it, that’s the answer.


Hui: I heard through the grapevine that you’re also a very good cook. What’s your specialty? Being of mixed race background I’m sure you know how to cook various types of cuisine.

Booh: Specialty? I burn things. A lot. And yes I’m an excellent cook but only when I’m in a good mood. And to be clear I’m not multiracial I’m multiethnic. There’s a difference. But I’m mostly good with preparing Creole and Cajun cuisine, I make a few Choctaw dishes, and a few Trini plates. Soul food is just something I’m good at by default though. Heavy handed with the shrimp and grits for breakfast kinda gal. It’s a southern thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Hui: Sounds delicious! I bet the man in your life loves mealtime with you! Is there a man in your life? What types of traits or qualities do you love in a man? Do you date Asian guys?

Booh: Brown eyes and a beaming adorable smile. I love brown! Like a teddybear. Nothing like staring into beautiful brown eyes you know? But a man has to have a talent, a uniqueness about him, something that makes him special to me. Otherwise I’ll have no interest. I’ve been courted by a few male models before and they bored me half to death. I’m not impressed with Ken dolls and filter perfect faces. It’s so stock. Plus I’m not very attracted to chiseled physiques. But one day I met someone with the perfect brown eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world who at this time remains unrivaled with the sexiness in my eyes. That’s the answer.

Hui: So what’s it like for you living with Synesthesia? I’m sure it must be totally awesome.

Booh: I hate it. Next question.

Hui: To further dive into the mystery of you, do you have any other talents or professional skills or  qualifications that you’d choose to pursue if you ever got bored with arts and entertainment?

Booh: I hate to admit it but I’m already bored with arts and entertainment. As far as skills my educational background is vast. I have this thing about school. It’s very personal but it’s a thing. Skills? Pharmacy Technician, ecology, Business Administration, Massage Therapy, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Esthetics, Astronomy, Behavioral Psychology, Emergency Medical Technician, and parapsychology. There are others but the randomized selection of studies gets a little awkward to explain. It’s a disorder I suppose. I’m not a person of any sort of superior intelligence I just get bored extremely easily. Telling me or making me feel like I’m not smart enough, or that I can’t have something, or that I’m not as good as someone else will typically trigger me to prove to myself that you’re wrong. That I can do it. That’s just me. I need to prove to myself that I can win.

Hui: What in the world? How does your brain not hurt from the heaps of information you absorb? Were any of these professions ever a real consideration for you as opposed to the arts?

Booh: Nope. I just wanted the information, the knowledge. Like I said I get bored very easily. And that’s because I need to be constantly stimulated or on the contrary I need to be comfortably satiated. Those things just weren’t fulfilling, they don’t make happy. I can’t function or create or even think straight if I’m not feeling happy. So I move on to the next task to keep myself occupied. Some people chase happiness with drugs or sex for example. I’m constantly chasing happiness through knowledge. There’s no such thing as useless information. Keep going.

Hui: You just mentioned that all of those things didn’t make you happy and that you get bored fairly easily. Are you happy right now? Is there anything about your life at this present moment that you would change? Would you become a megastar overnight if you could? Would the wedding of your dreams bring you happiness? Would a billon dollars make you happy?

Booh: Right now happy is a subjective term for me. I’m here, that’s what I am. I can confidently say that I’m not unhappy in life. But one of the most important things a person learns to accept is that we cannot control how others treat us or love us, and we cannot control the world around us only having dominion over ourselves. Those are the only things that I would change. Not to sound controlling because I’m not a controlling person in the least, but sometimes we all wish others would see us through the rose colored glasses that we see them through, that they would love us as much as we love them or more. But as far as being a megastar, heck no. I don’t want it. I’m boring and shutoff from the world most of the time and I like things that way. I love the freedom of being able to gain or lose weight or be ugly sometimes in peace without some weirdo taking my picture. An expensive wedding wouldn’t make me happy either. I’m not superficial that way. Matrimony only requires two people. Me and the man I love. I’m not big on unnecessary fanfare so that’s not something I need either. And a billion dollars would be very nice to have indeed. But money can only buy happiness temporarily. I’d prefer love and loyalty over money any day. So to answer your question, love makes me happy.

Hui: You’re a very passional person. You’re good at making people feel your words. I’m still a bit taken aback by some of our earlier conversation that I will respectfully omit. However, your level of empathy and fidelity is truly astounding. Do you plan to create any new projects based on your life’s experiences? What should the world expect next from Acheekybuddhist?

Booh: Expect nothing. I have no new plans or new dreams in the works at this time. I strictly move towards the directions that my moods guide me to. Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and create a new sound. Or maybe I’ll sleep for the rest of the year and begin to write about my dreams come day one. But for now, I just hope the world takes the opportunity to enjoy all that I have presented to it so far. And thank you for listening.

To learn more about the arts and sounds of Acheekybuddhist visit: 0HNajRhKxRS8BHbGRDZWqG

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