Alanna Starr Shimel

Infinite Cosmic Records: Sacred Doorways to Healing

Author Spotlight: Alanna Starr Shimel

Publisher: Radhaa Publishing House

Welcome to our interview with Alanna Starr Shimel, a contributing writer in the powerful healing modality, Infinite Cosmic Records™. Developed by Maya the Shaman, this transformative journey through visualization, intention, and energy work allows individuals to connect with their subconscious memories and essence, bringing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. “Infinite Cosmic Records: Doorways to Healing & Remembering” is the newly released paperback based on Maya the Shaman’s teachings, featuring real-life experiences of people who have accessed their Cosmic Records for healing and growth. Whether you’re a healing practitioner or on a personal growth journey, this book offers practical tools and insights to help you access your Cosmic Records and experience profound healing on all levels. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock doorways to Healing and Remembering – Grab your copy now at

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a multifaceted woman and a mother. I love learning, teaching, and informing others about unique and spiritual topics. My passions are social partner dancing, singing sacred medicine songs, making art with dried flowers, writing, and sharing sacred conversations and insightful wisdom.

Alanna Starr Shimel

How would you describe Infinite Cosmic Records from your perspective?

It was a positive experience that helped me receive wisdom from my subconscious mind. It’s special when someone can take you on a journey into the depths of the soul and activate a higher state of consciousness. I enjoyed this experience with Maya.

What was your intention before getting into your records?

To connect to my higher self, to learn of my ancient past or reincarnations, and to connect more deeply to the Goddess. Ultimately I wanted to experience Maya’s magic, which was comforting and relaxing. Maya has a very soothing voice. I had some anxiety because I felt blocked from visualizing in the beginning which I mention this in my chapter. Still, it was wonderful how Maya moved me through the blockage to see what my subconscious wanted to show me calmly.

Give us a peek at your written story in Infinite Cosmic Records.

My story is about Gnosis, my search for the sacred, and of course, all the synchronicity that has happened before and after my experience. It’s about coming into a deeper understanding of how light and water are connected and how we are limitless beings. It’s also about thoughts on reincarnation, Light Language, wisdom, and a deeper self-awareness relative to Creation.

How supported did you feel through this creative process of writing your story?

The best part was reading my chapter at the end with this feeling of success and relief, haha. You just feel accomplished and proud of yourself for completing work. I felt supported and cheered on by Radhaa Publishing House.

How do you feel about sharing the Infinite Cosmic Records with others? Do you recommend Infinite Cosmic Records as a healing / remembering method to be experienced?

I would certainly recommend others to experience Maya’s healing modalities. I am a big advocate for holistic healing and going deeper into the subconscious, so I always tell people about these things. Go see the healer, the wisdom keepers and those who can mend your heart. I appreciated that her calmness and assurance stood out to me… as her guiding voice.

From my chapter: “I’ve had many downloads and “ah ha!” moments since my session with Maya. My experience with her was profound and opened up a new pathway of creative, authentic expression and a deeper connection to my galactic self. I hope that by sharing my story and experience, I will activate and encourage readers to set an intention of knowing themselves a little more by daring to reach into the depths of their infinite Cosmic Records. “

How do you feel about being published with Radhaa Publishing House?

By choice, I became a Brand Ambassador for Radhaa Publishing House, supporting the books I’ve had the pleasure of co-authoring and promoting co-authorship opportunities to others. Working with Radhaa Publishing House on both ends is magical and super transformational. I recommend anyone wanting to take their writing to the next level to work with Radhaa Publishing. I see there is infinite growth and potential in these co-author endeavors.

Alanna Starr Shimel

Everyone has life lessons to learn. Would you share with us, one or two of yours, how they make you who you are today?

Find ways to get to know yourself. It’s not selfish or bad to want to know yourself-especially at a cosmic level. Who are you? Why are you on earth? These are some of the most important questions to ask. We all have a unique designs, and there is beauty in understanding yourself about others. We are all different for a reason- be excited about that. I’ve studied the Laws of the Universe. This helped me understand the ebb and flow of life a little more. Perhaps by learning all the little pieces, I can understand the great puzzle of life a bit more. I can then understand where I am going with more clarity. Lastly, get comfortable with the unexpected and those ups and downs of the pendulum swing of life.

What are you currently up to? What’s next for you?  

I’m a full time mother, and I enjoy it a lot… It’s the most important and amazing job I’ve ever had and it keeps me busy. I will be also working on adding more to my EarthDNA Resurrection Art Collection. I create forever art from dried plant life, such as glass ornaments and wreaths. I’m also offering a free zoom series called “Get To Know You- Cosmic Intelligence,” beginning April 3rd. We will be exploring basic understandings of celestial modalities such as, astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, cardology aka Cartomancy, Tarot, namology & more. It’s super powerful to know where we are on the great wheel of life and where we’re going.  Lastly, I will be putting time into curating my solo books.

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