Ricardo Rattray

Ricardo Rattray was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

Introduction – Can you tell us a bit about your yourself?

I’m a mellow individual who loves a night out with his friends but also highly values his alone time. My hair is a big part of who I am and it’s actually what a lot of people know me for.

Personal Background – Can you share a little experience about your Upbringing and Early Life?

Born in Lewisham Hospital. Enjoyed a really fun upbringing and apparently was in love with football from the minute I was born. Played football absolutely everyday whether it be at school, after school in a park, in my garden or outside my home against any wall I could find.

Career and Achievements – What do you consider the Highlights of your Career so far?

I would say a really big highlight of my career was establishing a self-owned business in partnership with a secondary school friend. We made a great amount of money during our peak but scammed at one point and took a hit which set us back a long way. Hopefully we can get the business back up and running again in the future.

Challenges and Growth – What are some of the Challenges you’ve faced in your Career, and how did you Overcome them?

As mentioned earlier, I am a big lover of football and was actually a top talent and have been told by current pros themselves that I inspired them to play football and become great at it… but growing up I was really shy so I wouldn’t attend the trials I was invited to when professional football clubs would come for me. As the years went on, the ship would be sailing further and further away and eventually the chance would be gone. I’ve always had the backing and support from my mother and other individuals around me but my shyness and lack of confidence kept holding me back. Going for this modelling opportunity was a massive challenge for me but now that the first step is complete, I feel as if I’ve taken a huge step in the right direction for gaining more confidence and the for the process of changing my mindset.

Passions and Hobbies – What are your Interests and Hobbies outside of your Career?

Football is my number one passion but as a thorough Manchester United supporter, times are rough at the moment. Following up closely behind football is music. I love music, I love the production of music and how all the pieces are put together and also in love with how it makes me feel. I’m also a huge lover of cars and play video games in my free time.

Milestones and Future Goals – What are some of the Milestones you hope to Achieve in the coming years?

A huge milestone for me would be moving out of my mother’s home and being able to purchase my own place, especially in this current climate. My future goal is to become successful enough to have financial freedom, to the point where I do not need to say “no” to anybody I care about and can do whatever I know makes me happy without having to think too much about the consequences it’ll have on my bank account.

Life Lessons – What is the most Valuable Lesson you’ve learned in your Life or Career?

A lesson that I’ve learned and I’m actually still in the process of learning is to follow your passions, go for your dreams and don’t let shyness get in the way of this. I tell myself that shyness is a fear and at the end of the day… the outcome is already written, wether you achieve the success or not, go for it so you can at least tell yourself you tried.

Rapid-Fire Round:

Favorite book or movie name?


One word to describe yourself?


If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

It would be with Sir Alex Ferguson

Favorite travel destination?

Favourite travel destination would be USA

In the Last, what are your Social Media Platform Links?

Instagram Handle: @el.rxco

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