Amadou John

Amadou John was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

What is your Name? Where do you Live?

My name is Amadou John and I live in Coventry.

What is your Level of Education? What did you Like most about School?

Right now I’m at GCSE level and the thing I love most about school is the whole social aspect, being around people and friends so your not all alone at home all the time.

What is your Favorite Hobby?

My favourite hobby is going to the gym, something I’ve been doing for 8 months now.

What Kind of Things do you Like to have, if any, then please tell us?

I love to have Ben & jerrys cookie dough but the ultimate have would be a car (specially an Audi Quattro s1 e2).

Who are the most Influential Persons to you as a Child?

I would say the most influential person would have been my mum she has such an incredible work ethic and has helped me through so much.

What did you want to be in the Future?

In the future I would like to be a Very successful model and also an entrepreneur as well as investor.

What is the Happiest Memory in your Life?

The happiest memory currently is when I was told my first shoot had been successful and I was given an offer to model.

At the End, what are the Main Lesson, you have Learned in your Life?

Anything in life is possible which may sound cliche however it is only possible when you overcome the self-imposed barriers set by yourself. This is evident in my story when I finally put my opinion of myself in a higher regard than others, setting myself free.

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