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Tina-Marie, also known as ‘Morenita’ is a rap artist from the 716, Buffalo, New York, now residing in the Austin, Texas area, Morenita is a known musical artist. With her consistent work, she is a leader, and ambitious. In the city, she has had all around talent that has followed her for years. She has a remarkable way of interacting with her audience and fans. Morenita is determined to make the best in her music as possible, no matter where she is. “Well, my first EP ‘Trigger Warning’ was released late July! So I am currently working on videos for my new EP and a promo run for it as well. I am working on a video called MAN EATER. It’s actually the breakout song from my EP. It’s a song that tells a story. So you have to put your thinking cap on and vibe with the story and listen to the message.” Morenita is working hard to enhance her work constantly in order to reach the peak of accomplishment.

While she stays on top of her work ethic, Morenita went on to remark that her passion will always be a driving force in her life. The people around her are influencing her a lot, and she stays motivated. “My biggest influence is my mom. She always taught me to never give up and keep going. Shoot she passed the rap gene down and I am forever grateful. Also, Missy Elliott is musically my biggest influence . She is different and provides a different side to female rap and even to R&B. Her looks and her videos are all out of this world. Love her!” Not only is Morenita an experienced artist with talent, but she is also an artist who has a great deal of knowledge. She hopes that with the force of her work, she will be able to have a positive influence on the world and attain greater levels of success in her career.

Tina Marie

Give Three qualities that describe you:

Three qualities that describe me. I’m a born Leader. I don’t follow trends, I make them. Even with my music I want to sound different and bring a different perspective and flow to female rap.

I am very likable! Contrary to my demenier sometimes and my music. I am really a fun loving spirit. I make people laugh and people enjoy being in my company. If you are down I am always going to go the extra mile to make you smile.

I have ambition and drive. No is not an answer in my book. It just means I can’t do it with you. I am from New York. I am getting it by any means. If I have a vision that comes to mind I see it through. I never let a soul tell me I can not do something. When my mind is made up thats it lol.

What is inspiring you right now consistently to work on your endeavors?

The death of my brother. My brother was silenced two years ago in a South Carolina Prison. He took the rap torch from my mom and was the rapper of the family. I went into broadcasting because I love being on TV. When he passed it left this huge hole in my moms heart. One day I decided I am going to pick up the rap torch and rap. I asked my youtube subscribers if they would be okay with me rapping bc they mean alot to me all 51k of them and they encouraged me to do it. Well Nov 2022. I dropped my 1st song No Features and I haven’t looked back.

Tina Marie

What piece of advice do you want others to take back from the work you display?

I want people to take from me to dare to be rare. Go against what people want you to look like or sound like and be YOURSELF. We live in a Copy Paste Society and being Real is Rare. So I want people to know no matter what your size, skin tone or race you can accomplish anything.

Due to the fact that Morenita has been known in her music field, her content only continues to expand. This has had an effect on her overall career in the sense that she has set up and participated in a number of various projects with others as well. Morenita is a successful musical artist, and has a great future set up for herself. Even if things don’t always go as planned in the actual world, Morenita does not give up. “On top of being a music artist . I am a Youtuber as well and the biggest hurdle is honestly my look. I am not the average look of a female rapper or influencer. Let’s keep it a buck being plus size or bigger is not pushed mainstream heavy. No pun intended. However it is a challenge I take head on and has never stopped me. I went through a lot to be where I am today. However I never let setbacks being used or mistreated hold me back from being Genuine and reaching my full potential as an artist and person.” Morenita has her eyes set to the top and stays consistent with her endeavors.

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