Tobias Higham

Tobias Higham was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session.

What is your Name? Where do you Live?

My name is Tobias Higham and I live in Oldham.

What is your Level of Education? What did you Like most about School?

I go to nursery near my home and I playing the most.

What is your Favorite Sport?

Football is my favorite sport.

What Kind of Things do you Like to have?

The things that I like to to have are Snacks, Juice and my blanket.

Who are the most Influential Persons to you as a Child?

The most influential persons in my life are my mummy and Daddy.

What did you want to be in the Future?

I want to be Happy and Healthy in the future.

What is the Happiest Memory in your Life?

The most happiest memory in my life is meeting Marshall from Paw Patrol.

At the End, what are the Main Lesson, you have Learned in your Life?

Keep smiling, keep exploring and keep learning.

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