JonTrae Rhoades, sometimes referred to by the stage names ‘Trae-D’ is a musical artist from New Iberia, Louisiana, now residing in Houston, Texas. Trae-D is ascending the social and music industry ladder. The up-and-coming artist has already experimented with a wide variety of sounds and has high hopes for the work he produces. His musical abilities contribute to the success of his endeavors. Known as ambitious, resilient, conscientious in his work, the artist, Trae-D, comes from humble beginnings and has a passion for his long term work. He has major work coming up as an artist. “Creatively right now I’m just constantly writing new music while trying to put together merch to get my brand out more. I’m working on coming up with content that can help separate me from just being a normal artist. I just dropped a project titled ‘I’m Like That’ in June which is available on all streaming platforms. I also have a few interviews that’s on the way. I have some merch that should be coming soon along with new music as I write.”

Despite Trae-D’s dedication to honing his skill to the greatest standard, his struggles have driven him to strive for even greater success in his career. Trae-D is now focused on maintaining his position as the greatest in his community so that he may expand upon his already solid base with his most recent effort. From a large crowd of artists, he stands out. “What’s inspiring me right now to continue this journey is hearing other people tell me how much I inspire them to continue going with life. Knowing my music is touching and helping others is all I ever wanted.”

What are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get where you are now?

Some obstacles I had to get over were letting go of self doubt and developing that self confidence to know that I’m really “Like That” when it comes to creating music. Along with developing that confidence, I had to learn to stop looking for the love and support from where I expected it to come from and start going where the love and support was truly coming from. Kind of like finding your tribe

Who are some influential people in your life?

The most influential people in my life when it comes to music would have to be Larussell, Curren$y, Larry June, Westside boogie, and J. Cole. When it comes to life my most influential people would have to be Malcolm X, Bob Marley, and my family and closest friends.

Trae-D ends the interview with a piece of advice that others can take back from the work he is doing. He knows his struggles have pushed him to be the person he is. “ I’ve overcome struggles by just not giving up and walking on purpose. When something is your purpose, going through struggles won’t stop you because your purpose continues to give you something to wake up to everyday. Some advice I would want others to take from my work is to always be yourself and continue to look within yourself for all the answers. Continue to spread love and be the light that the world needs. Do the things you love and not worry about the money, that’s just the extra perks that come along.” Trae-D remains focused on his goals and has quality work every time he creates. An artist worth looking at. From the moves being made in the city, he aims high, and is constantly inspiring others throughout his journey.

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