Cryptoleono (Maxim Korch) is a young and promising Russian beatmaker who recently moved to America and is gaining popularity there. Before that, Maxim lived in Moscow, where, according to him, he just studied, hung out and then decided to try to make the first bit for his friend.

Cryptoleono recently released a new release Sweet Nothing Without You. A calm and melodic composition. This is not the bit you want to rave to, it’s more about lounge style. Sweet Nothing Without You affects you from the first sound in such a way that you want to drop all business or any problems and just relax, enjoy a high-quality beat. The new single Cryptoleono does not oblige anything, does not make you think about something. It’s just a reflection of the state of mind of a young beatmaker in calm rhythms.

Did moving to the USA affect your musical development?

Yes, America gave a cool impetus to my creativity. I’ve been here for about six months, but I started working with the guys online.

How long have you been making beats yourself?

I’ve been making beats for about seven years. At first I played for myself, then I made a bit for a friend and it went-it went.

Where did you learn this?

I am self-taught, I did it in my free time, then it became like a hobby and then it completely absorbed me.

What does your pseudonym Cryptoleono mean?

I like the crypto theme, that’s why I decided to add it to my alias – crypto. Leo is the king of animals, and we musicians like to show off.

Have you already had orders from some famous performers?

I am currently working with Russian artists who have moved to the USA. I can’t name names because a contract has been signed. I will say this, soon many will hear about me.

How does your bat creation process usually go?

It’s always different. I am generally a creative person. I can put the foundation on in a couple of minutes and then process it in a couple of hours. I can make sense, it will be understood, because the bit plays in conjunction with the text. I usually do beats at night, it’s my time for creativity.

Conversations with beatmakers don’t happen so often, so I can’t help but ask what programs can you name that are considered top—notch for creating music?

Personally, I’m using FL Studio 19 right now.

Which social networks are currently most relevant for the promotion of the beatmaker?

As for me — YouTube. That’s where I put my work. Also, of course, streaming sites, since there are recommendations there and new people can hear my bits. And so, I practice short videos on different social networks, like YouTube shorts.

You have quite calm beats, I would even say in the style of lounge. Don’t you want to do something for hip-hop, rap artists?

Yes, calm bits are laid out now, I write different, but not everything can be laid out. New genres will appear soon.

You recently released the track Sweet Nothing Without You. Did you create it for a long time?

Honestly, I can’t remember anymore, it was one of the bits that I wrote in a bundle. I was just hungry for music and wrote beats excitedly for several days.

Is there a meaning that you put into it?

At that moment I broke up with my girlfriend, she decided to stay in Russia, maybe I invested it.

The name of the bit translates as “Nothing is cute without you.” Is this music addressed to a certain person?

I don’t dedicate bits to anyone, it was just a state of mind at that moment. I generally like to be sad and have fun for no reason. First I catch the mood or style, then I write a bit and then I come up with a name.

Who do you think is your potential listener?

I think my music is mainly for teenagers and young people, although I know that older listeners also listen to me.

In your opinion, are there any certain qualities that are necessary to work as a beatmaker?

Exactly – perseverance, as well as the desire, passion and desire to be the best.

What are your immediate plans for the future?

Develop, represent Russia and become one of the most sought-after beatmakers in the world.

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