What is your Name? Where do you Live?

My name is Elaine and I live in the London.

What is your Level of Education?

BTEC & NVQ, Just completed SIA 19/03/2023.

What is your Favorite Hobby?

I am in cycling club. I love doing quiz’s and crosswords.

What Kind of Things do you Like to have, if any, then please tell us?

I can tell you what I’d like to have, is a job bringing regular money. Also, I like to have a fully decorated and furnished home.

Who are the most Influential Persons in Your Life?

I don’t think I was influenced by anyone, but when I saw Tina Turner perform I was WOW and admired her and wanted to be like her. But life takes you down a different route.

What did you want to be in the Future?

Always wanted to act. I was in an amateur dramatics group done a couple of plays. Again earning a living kicked in…

What is the Happiest Memory in your Life?

Getting my current job as a role player. I love the job, but its only when they need me…

At the End, what are the Main Lesson, you have Learned in your Life?

Still learning at my ripe age!

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