Elena Kugel

Elena Kugel known as Ms. Kugel is a fashion icon, social media influencer and model. She is based in French Rivera but her roots are Asian as she was born in Central Asia. Kugel as a model has a unique approach to fashion and trends. She has a great taste for her wardrobe choices and this was the success element in her fashion career. Fashion critics always admire her beauty, gate, and unmatchable style. Including this, she also sings and dances up to the mark.

She is the true face of ‘Beauty With Brain’. Her talents like acrylic paintings and other arts made her popular on different social media platforms. Her art reflects another level of passion and dedication towards nature. She is an inspiration to many other rising artisans. In the world of art, she is popular as a “Solomatkina” Artist.

Elena Kugel

Besides that, Kugel is an outstanding and unbelievable dancer. Her dance moves reflect the majestic vibes. She is an outstanding dancer She also shares fashion trends and other talent-based videos and pictures on Instagram so that she could help others in every field of life. In addition to this, She is a singer and her smooth amazing voice has the magic to fall the listener into the endless depth of the universe of the soul. Kugel gained wholesome respect and fame through her talents and divine beauty on social media platforms.

According to her, one should work on herself and polish her personality up to an unbelievable stage. She also works hard on grooming, She performs gym and keeps doing yoga so that she can control her body and nerves to make her life tremendously adventurous and amazing. For this, She will be in Austria in July 2023 to attend the masterclass expert mindflow with Tom Mögele.

Elena Kugel

In her personal life, She is a fabulous mother of a cute boy Hugo. She loves to spend quality time with her child in Cote’ D’Azur. Her family and friends love her field and keep learning exciting things from her experiences that she had got from real life and masterclasses. She loves horse riding and she is an expert in this. She plays tennis in her free time. In short, She is an optimistic and iron lady who is setting an ideal example for other women on the circle of Earth.

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