Johnny Depp Could Return With New Film Projects

Johnny Depp seems to be overcoming a difficult season as a Hollywood star, with few roles, which ended in a media trial against his ex-wife where he was found not guilty.

Although he had missed out on Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, Depp looks set to be rehired for other projects.

An information from Giant Freaking Robot indicated that Johnny Depp would be in talks to join a project that has been talked about since 2015, the sequel to the classic Beetlejuice, to which another name that is in vogue lately in the film industry would also return: Michael Keaton. We are talking about a luxury cast for the return of this ghost that aroused so much laughter in the past.

Johnny Depp’s New Projects

It seems that one of the producers associated with this project intends to revitalize Johnny Depp’s career while knowing the kind of attention that the actor’s participation would generate around an already attractive project. After all, Beetlejuice became a late ’80s classic with big performances by Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Geena Davis, among others.

There are also versions that Johnny Depp would have been tempted by Disney with a succulent financial offer to return to Pirates of the Caribbean and thus continue with the story of Jack Sparrow. However, a few days ago a representative for the actor told NBC that the alleged House of Mouse call still hadn’t happened and Depp said in statements that no matter how much money they offer him, he won’t return to Disney.

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