Taika Waititi Pushes the Boundaries of Humor and Drama in 'Thor, Love And Thunder'

The wait is over and Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived , by Taika Waititi, which is loaded with humor, but also with a dramatic component.

In the fourth film in the saga starring Chris Hemsworth, the New Zealand director goes far beyond the follies he engaged in in Thor: Ragnarok five years ago.

On this occasion, Waititi in his role as director, co-writer and voice of Korg, includes giant goats, a decadent Zeus (played by Russell Crowe), references to Jodie Foster, commercial parodies of Old Spice and a soundtrack that delights fans of the heyday of Guns N’ Roses.

The filmmaker should not only be recognized for being the captain of this ship called Thor, but also for causing the evolution, over the years, from a laconic superhero to a completely irreverent one.

Much of the 119-minute duration of the film, the viewer will spend it unable to contain their laughter. Especially when the magical hammer Mjolnir and the Stormbreaker ax lead an absurd love triangle.

After settling her differences with Marvel, Natalie Portman returns as Dr. Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, whom she still misses after eight years apart. This time, the scientist will surprise locals and strangers when she seizes not only the look of the Asgardian god but also his ancient battle weapon. Her plot prints the dramatic element to the film.

Taika Waititi, An Oscar Winning Acting

But the banquet served by Waititi does not end with the Oscar-winning Portman, it is also seasoned with the performance of another Academy Award winner: Christian Bale, who gives life not to Gorr, the butcher of gods, not just any villain but one who He has more than human reasons to take the path he has taken.

The film is full of special appearances, of which some clues can be revealed: Chris Hemsworth’s better half and one of his children stand out among them.

Once Thor: Love and Thunder is over, as a good Marvel fan, he does not leave the room, since two post-credits scenes await him. One of them will reveal the addition to the cast of the saga of new performers.

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