Interview with the International Filmmaker & Executive Producer, Adonis “Van” J

Adonis “Van” J

Jessica: Well well well! We FINALLY get to interview Mr. Adonis ”Van” J! We been reviewing and following you!

Adonis ”Van” J: wow! Thanks ALOT for that! Just been extremely busy!

Jessica: so let’s get right down to it! For people whom might not know who you are, please introduce yourself!

Adonis ”Van” J: if I may steal a quote from the famous JAY-Z “ allow me to reintroduce myself my name is (laughing) Adonis ”Van” J! I’m an executive producer & screenwriter of my company Pisces go wayyy deep entertainment (I self financed all my films) I mostly work with actresses and actors from Argentina South America, the Philippines, and Indonesia! I’m also a very extremely proud father of a special needs teenager! His name is EXCLUSIVE! He’s my motivation!

Adonis “Van” J

Jessica: what a unique name your child has!

Adonis ”Van” J: yeah he’s a pretty cool teen!

Jessica: great! So tell us before all this which seems like overnight sudden success what did you use to do for a living?

Adonis ”Van” J: (laughing) I had over 156,789 different jobs (laughing) fast food jobs, cleaning jobs, ride sharing jobs, warehouse jobs,  I’ve been a therapist for women of domestic violence! I’ve floated literally everywhere! I’m just extremely grateful that the past 7 years I’ve been able to literally write and sale my movie scripts! Which in turn the last 4 years, I’ve been able to make a living writing and producing my own movies!

Adonis “Van” J

Jessica: that’s a  truly remarkable feat!  So tell us about a few of your films that you have out?

Adonis ”Van” J: let’s see my movie which is a series of psychological thrillers called “ tales from inside the mind of a psychotic Pisces “ which is available currently on Vimeo on demand. I also have 2 teen sitcoms “ANN Knows All & AMBAR”S World! Both of those sitcoms have a combined in sales of over 107,000! I’m very excited about that! Those 2 are also available currently on Vimeo on demand.

Adonis “Van” J

Jessica: I’m going to have to check those out!  Ok so tell us of any challenges that you have had to overcome?

Adonis ”Van” J: well having a special needs teen comes with all sorts of challenges! I’ve literally have to do everything around his schedule and how he feels! Again that’s why I’m extremely grateful that hasn’t stopped me from my calling in life which is to continue being a fantastic filmmaker! He’s homeschooled so we can just get up and travel!

Jessica: outside of your career what are some of your hobbies etc

Adonis ”Van” J: i LOVE playing tennis! Great cardio! I love to cook! I love steak (well done) and crab legs! And going to Hilton hotels “ proud gold member hahaha! Me and my son will just book a room for a week order room service,  I’ll write and watch my films through FaceTime being made-and go to amusement parks around whatever area the Hilton hotel is located in. The past year we stayed in like 67 different Hilton locations!

Jessica: milestones, what are some milestones you are hoping to achieve in the coming years?

Adonis ”Van” J: too many! Well this year I have a few film festivals I’ll be attending one in Florida, one in New York I’ll Be ATTENDING my first NEW YORK YANKEES baseball game with some international film directors talking business, and one in the the US Virgin Islands! I have a few  more films coming out this year! One comedy  especially entitled “ OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I GAVE MY PANTIES TO A GEEK! “ ! Shout out to the beautiful talented MOLLY RINGWALD! Next year early 2025 I’ll be filming  and living in Indonesia for about a year and a half my son is extremely excited to go! We will be staying in a 5 star  beach villa the entire time!! I’ll be attending the international film festival in Indonesia next year as well! I plan on staying independent movie wise! You can make a good living being a an independent film maker! Especially in the overseas markets which keeps me living a very nice lifestyle!

Jessica: what life lessons have you learned:

Adonis ”Van” J: NOBODY will love your child the way that you will! That you can be the nicest easygoing person and people will be jealous of you. That’s exactly why outside of my company website I don’t have social media. When you are actually enjoying your life you don’t have time to engage in miserable situations or people for that matter.

Adonis “Van” J

Jessica: any advice to give any future filmmakers:

Adonis ”Van” J: Adonis STAY INDEPENDENT! Do not allow people to view your films for free!

Rapid Fire Round

Jessica: favorite book or movie name?

Adonis ”Van” J: even tho I’m a spiritual person not religious at all I enjoy reading the book called POWER OF the PSALMS! I’m also reading a very interesting book by Luther Campbell the book of Luke! Also my favorite movie is BEVERLY hills cop!

Jessica: one word to describe yourself

Adonis ”Van” J: HANDSOME

Jessica: if you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

Adonis ”Van” J: MALCOM X

Jessica: favorite travel destination:

Adonis ”Van” J: the Florida keys!

Jessica: thanks for the sit down interview, care to mention anything else?

Adonis ”Van” J:

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