Luca Joseph Owoeye

Luca Joseph Owoeye was recently interviewed by Famo Celebrity Magazine and below is the Q&A session we had with him.

What is your Name? Where do you Live?

My name is Luca Joseph Owoeye and I’m Based In London (Ilford, IG1).

What is your Level of Education? What did you Like most about School?

I currently attend a early years setting (nursery). I do not uphold any qualifications and/or level of education due to my young age (toddler). I enjoy doing arts & crafts as I can lead the activity in my own preferred way, explore colours and materials.

What is your Favorite Hobby?

I enjoy dancing and listening to music as it allows me to express myself via my movements. When I am dancing and listening to music I feel happy, comfortable and in my safe place.

What Kind of Things do you Like to have, if any, then please tell us?

I like meeting new children and playing with my friends as it makes me feel happy, special and free. I also like to be involved and make choices for myself due to my developing young personality. Lastly I enjoy playing and watching football with my family and friends.

Who are the most Influential Persons to you as a Child?

My Grandad & father are the most influential people to me at present due to my increasingly strong positive attachment to them from my early stages of life developing into my toddler stages. They talk to me, teach me and show me the world, community and life around me and encourage me to express myself and be free.

What did you want to be in the Future?

In my future, I would like to uphold a career in modelling, develop my confidence and personality through numerous opportunities offered to me such as football and modelling.

What is the Happiest Memory in your Life?

The happiest memory of my life was when my younger brother (Taofeek) was born. At first I was surprised, confused and jealous as everything changed however it did not take me long to learn that he is my best friend. I am protective and caring towards my younger brother and enjoy playing and spending time with him. My first reaction to seeing my younger brother was emotional as I was tearful and ran over to hold, hug and kiss him.

At the End, what are the Main Lesson, you have Learned in your Life?

The main lesson I have learned is to never allow anyone to bring me down as I was bullied during my settling stages at nursery. I am now a confident and strong young mind who has learned to not allow anyone to bring me down with them. I am always being reassured and told that I am a strong, confident, talented and amazing child by my family and friends.


  1. Luca is an amazing, funny, caring, loving, adorable child. There are not enough words to describe my love for Luca.

  2. Luca is adorable, funny, loving and mature for his age. He is helpful, caring and nurturing especially when he deals with his younger brother, he likes to show his little brother the world around them. Luca is respectful and apologise when he made mistake. He is assertive and able to explain his needs.

  3. Luca is an IDan (A kid with lot of words to describe with )..

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